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When you just wanna stay in your PJ’s….

I hear you, and believe me, the struggle is real from where I’m sitting too. It’s freezing out, you’ll be working from home all day other than the occasional errand or pick up in the car. Getting dressed seems likes an unnecessary and uncomfortable inconvenience.

But, I still stand by my belief that putting on “real” clothes will make you have a better, more productive day. You may even be a wee bit more pleasant and patient with those people you live with — just sayin’.   The next time you’re in a funk and tempted to stay “undressed”…I challenge you to #justgetdressed instead, and notice how it changes the way you feel.  Trust me.

Today I am passing along a simple outfit formula that you can wear on days like these and be incredibly comfortable and cozy, but still look put together and – dressed.

Click on the picture below and you will be sent to my online Personal Styling Tool where you can see the item details and shop them directly. If you’d like information on working with me personally, click here.

Now go #justgetdressed.

Click on the picture to go to my personal shopping tool, then click on the product to go directly to the retailer. Happy Shopping!


Beth Roy, Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant


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