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The Power of The Fitted Jacket

I always include a fitted blazer or jacket whenever I talk about closet staples and must-haves.

But, I can hear some of you ladies out there saying, “Nope, don’t need it.”   Maybe you don’t work in a profession with a business dress code.  Maybe you work from home.  Maybe you’re home with kids.  Or, maybe you’re retired and don’t see the need.

Let’s rethink it though, ok?   Blazers are no longer stuffy and stiff and only for business meetings.  Trust me here… a jacket is a must-have layer that IMMEDIATELY makes any outfit look more sharp and polished.  If you want to  bring your look up a notch, a blazer is a great place to start.  And, as the pictures below show, a fitted jacket can elevate denim to a new level and look fun and flirty – definitely not stuffy or staid.

The key is (surprise) the right jacket for your figure and your lifestyle.  If you still have “work jackets” from the 90’s hanging in your closet (think shoulder pads and masculine, boxy cuts in colors like “hunter green”),  that’s NOT what I’m talking about.  Those need to be put in  a bag and donated, because someone who doesn’t read my blog may just love them.  😉

Seriously though, the perfect blazer is going to be fitted and tailored.  You can’t go wrong with a neutral color like black – or navy, tan, grey or denim.  The more neutral, the more—you got it–versatile, it will be.

I also love a statement blazer in a favorite and fabulous color, or something with texture or cool zippers.  But before you invest in something like that,  make sure you have the perfect, fitted, neutral blazer in your arsenal.

And, remember to WEAR it…even if you’re just running around doing errands.  You’ll look amazing.   I mean seriously, check out Gwyneth below, tooling around town in a blazer, white button down and jeans…drinking an odd-looking green juice thing.  So cool. And you could totally pull off that look, even in the ‘burbs.  And even without the green juice thing. Just button one or two more buttons…

Need some more inspiration on how to wear a jacket and look positively chic and fabulous.?  C.heck out these pictures of jackets styled in various ways.  Nothing stuffy or serious about these fabulous looks, huh? Which is your favorite? (You can click on the picture to see a bigger version).

Now, go grab a fitted jacket and #justgetdressed.  

Cheers!  ~Beth

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Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!








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