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Here are just some of the feedback I have received from clients:

On Packing for a Trip:  I loved every single minute. There is nothing better than shopping your own closet but I couldn’t possibly do it without you! I love all of my outfits for the trip and can’t believe that I only have to buy a few things to fill in. I was certain that I would need three new dresses when really, I only need one. I’m even wearing one of the outfits today (although it doesn’t fit in to the b.styled challenge)…. A.T. Wellesley, MA

On the in-person Closet Cleanse and Virtual Closet: This was the first time I had to sit at my computer and look at your emails – and I AM BLOWN AWAY. You had me at the closet cleanse… then finding outfits from my own clothes was a big bonus. Now the direct links and photos to stuff that I like, has a good chance of looking good on me and will compliment my wardrobe, woohoo! And on top of that, all the outfits that you put together. I will definitely have fun shopping and looking at my “closet” much more.  B.G., Needham, MA

On the Closet Cleanse Program:  Thanks for the inspiration and keeping me accountable for getting this job done even if it took me forever to get started! I feel like a new person. Getting dresses today was SO much easier with all my clothes hanging color coordinated and even my accessories are nicely displayed in a visible area for easy and quick access. You are so good at what you do. Keep up the good work!   S.G., Littleton, MA

On Shopping her Closet:  OMG I just L-O-V-E Beth. Honestly you would not BELIEVE how much we did yesterday! Basically we went shopping in my own closet – turns out I have a lot of really good stuff and just have never thought to put certain things together with other things….who knew?! Honestly I told her this is like rocket science to me! It’s so natural to her – and whenever I put on a new combination she came up with and it looked awesome her reaction was so fabulous – she would just squeal with delight! I cannot believe how many new things I have to wear that were literally in my closet the entire time! She is so much fun and has a way of making this process fun – and for me to say that about shopping and clothes is …well….unheard of!  D.B. Newburyport, MA


On the Closet Cleanse and Personal Shopping:  I’m loving the new outfits Beth Hyer Roy at B.Styled Personal Shopping put together for me. After the closet cleanse, I asked Beth to do a virtual shopping trip for me for the pieces I was missing – white jeans, basic t-shirts, open face sweaters, etc. She put together a great list with stores ranging from Nordstrom to Old Navy with easy pointers to follow and a few surprise items. I warned Andrew not to freak out when all the packages start to arrive, but I really did need to try on 5 different pairs of white pants to get the right fit. All the stores she picked were free shipping and returns and one trip to Natick got everything back easily.

When the packages arrived and I had done a once over, Beth came over and helped pick out what to keep and what to send back. She then starting putting together outfits with the shoes and accessories I already owned. I loved having another eye helping me see things a little more clearly. Sometimes you really do need someone else to say, “Those look great or no, that’s not doing you any favors.” I really value Beth’s opinion and great eye for style.

I know it can feel a little extravagant to hire a personal shopper, but compared to buying one or two things that don’t look or fit right or never get worn, its been very worth while. (Not to mention how fun it is to put on an outfit that I know looks great. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the new stuff and my old stuff, once Beth helped my style it.) It’s a small gift I’m so glad I gave myself.  S.G. Boxborough, MA


On the Closet Cleanse: I am so  happy with the job we’ve done, and feel like you actually saved me money by telling me what I could/should wear out of what I already own. The list of things I should buy is small and well under my budget, and includes wardrobe staples as well as jewelry and accessories that I will   be able to wear with multiple outfits for years to come.  JC, Boxborough, MA


On Personal Shopping and Consulting:  It sounds like hyperbole, but I truly credit Beth with transforming my entire look.  I was at a complete loss for how to dress, was in a total mom rut and had no sense of confidence when I got dressed.  I’ve been working with Beth for years now…before she even started this business and she has helped me so much.  She finds me the best stuff at great prices that I would never have the time or inclination to find.  My new look has greatly improved both my professional life and my personal life…and my overall sense of confidence and happiness.    J.B. Littleton, MA


On a 20 minute skype consult:  You MUST schedule a time! It was so much fun, I learned so much and I’m totally motivated now! 

I spent a very happy Skype hour with Beth and I’m telling you, it’s well worth it. Just learning that 10 year old pants can’t possibly still be in style was a revelation to me. She went above and beyond with personal recommendations and Polyvore sets, not to mention her patience with my on-going inane questions. One thing is certain: I will look much better in my next 49 years than I have in the past half-century! M.B., Virgina


On Virtual Personal Shopping:  I’m flying out the door so I only have a sec, but I tried all the stuff I bought and I CAN’T BELIEVE how great they are!  I never would have picked them myself, but I love everything!  I will update you more when I have time but I just had to email and thank you because I look awesome today and it’s all because of you!   A.M. Minnesota


On the 2 Week Closet Cleanse Program and Virtual Personal Shopping:    I love working with Beth! She can take a daunting task like cleaning a closet and actually make it fun… In fact when I was doing her 15 day cleanse I actually looked forward to getting her emails and then I would see how much I could accomplish each day. It was the highlight of my day!

Beth has an amazing flair for fashion… I love the way she lays out outfits and shows you how you can mix and match items. And she tells you what you need to buy and where you can find it… In many cases she has sent me the links and all that I had to do was enter my credit card number. What could be easier than that!

Beth has actually saved me hundreds of dollars… I admit that I have a problem…I shop all the time. So if I’m in the stores, I never leave the store empty handed. Beth will look critically at what I’ve bought and will tell me honestly that I don’t need it and should return it. She tells me all the time that I should stop shopping!

I also love reading her blog. She has endless practical fashion tips. In fact I referred to her post on layering just the other day when I was shopping in old navy! L.H. Southborough, MA

On Wardrobe Consulting: I had Beth come to my house to help organize my closet – it was a great experience! She helped me make outfits with the clothes I already have and helped me decide to get rid of a bunch of clothes I will never miss! Now I have more space in my closet AND a bunch of new outfits to wear!  She’s in my head now too!  I went shopping and bought a few solid color textured tops – been wearing them a lot with long necklaces and a layering top – so easy!  K.G., Southborough, MA

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