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Building Your Perfect Wardrobe

I love a good metaphor, and I love a good cupcake; so here it goes:

Has your wardrobe been built like this cupcake.... or does it need some help?  

Is the cake crumbly,  stale or bland?  

Do you spend all your money on the icing and ignore the cake because the cake part seems "boring"?

Are your sprinkles looking dated or chintzy?

If so, the B.Styled Style System can help!  For (much) less than you will spend on that new sweater or top that you may not ever wear, you will get a list, a plan and  a "recipe" for a fabulous, functional and easy wardrobe.  The B.Styled Winter Style System is launching now....CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up!  

And, let's not forgot the MEN in our lives.  

Soon-to-be or recent college grads as well as husbands, dads and fathers who want to up their game a bit, and develop an easy, common-sense, but sharp wardrobe can benefit from my MEN'S FALL/WINTER ESSENTIALS CAPSULE for 2017-2018. 

This program comes with a list of 25 items, a clickable catalog to shop for what's missing in his closet, and 14 mix & match, no-brainer outfit formulas for business casual and weekend wear. 

It's not rocket science, and it's definitely not high-fashion, but it is affordable, easy...and will up his game.  

And last but not least....My annual B.Styled Holiday Gift Picks Catalog is being updated daily with lots of tried and true gift ideas for everyone on your list (except for little kids - I'm way out of that loop;)  

Any questions about the programs or anything else...just drop me a note!  

Now go #justgetdressed;)

Cheers!  Beth