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The Grown Up’s Guide to Wearing Leggings

leggings10It’s that Leggings-Time-of-Year again.   We’ve hashed and rehashed the whole “leggings aren’t pants”  issue and I think we’re all clear on how not to wear leggings at our age.  In case you need a refresher though, here’s another post on the subject.  Or, for a visual,  you can just head to your local high school to see what I’m talking about.  ‘Nuff said.

Today I want to focus on what does work  with leggings.


The B.Styled 1-2-3 Leggings Formula:

  1.  The Leggings:

First of all, my favorite are the  Hue, Ultra WW wide waistband leggings.  They don’t pill and are totally opaque –you can’t see through them AT ALL (oh, so important).  I have them in black and charcoal and wear them a few times per week all fall and winter.

2.  The Shoes:

The top you choose is probably the #1 priority but shoes are key too.  My personal opinion is that the most foolproof shoe to wear with leggings is a pair of tall boots – either flat riding boots or a pair with a medium, thick heel or wedge.  Booties can look cute too but it can be easy for them to look too clunky,  and I like them to be the same color as the leggings.  At the end of the day though, go ahead and wear whatever shoe you want  – but let’s skip the clogs ok?  And please, no hate mail on that one – it’s just my preference – wear what you want!

3.  The Top:

But,  (pardon the pun) the covering-up factor is one area I’m less flexible on…unless you’re a teen,  or you spend a zillion hours a week doing squats and lunges….In which case you’re probably not reading this anyway.

(*Clarification:  I have no issue whatsoever with wearing work out tights, or yoga pants, etc. without a long top when you’re working out or coming and going from the gym…I’m talking about “real” clothes here…)

Anyway, for the top, we want it  to be long enough –  without being a muumuu and without making us look like Maude  (and if you don’t get that reference, chances are you’re young enough to go ahead and wear leggings as pants).

The top should be simple and comfortable– and most importantly,  it needs to cover your nether-regions completely.

Here I’m wearing a Loft sweater tunic,  my go-to Hue leggings and my favorite slipper booties.   I can work at home all day in this cozy outfit  – but still  #justgetdressed.


On this particular day I had to run out to an appointment where I needed to look a little more polished – and had to lose the slippers;)

All I did was swap the cozy scarf for a necklace and add my wedge heel boots.


(tip: wearing a long pendant necklace with your tunic/leggings combo is elongating, flattering and adds instant, easy chic).  

Then I to added a faux leather jacket.  Easy outfit transformation starting with the 1-2-3 Leggings Formula.

(tip:  a fitted jacket adds flattering structure to your tunic/leggings combo)

Are you a fan of leggings or do you pass on them?  Do you remember Maude? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Now go #justgetdressed.


When you just wanna stay in your PJ’s….

I hear you, and believe me, the struggle is real from where I’m sitting too. It’s freezing out, you’ll be working from home all day other than the occasional errand or pick up in the car. Getting dressed seems likes an unnecessary and uncomfortable inconvenience.

But, I still stand by my belief that putting on “real” clothes will make you have a better, more productive day. You may even be a wee bit more pleasant and patient with those people you live with — just sayin’.   The next time you’re in a funk and tempted to stay “undressed”…I challenge you to #justgetdressed instead, and notice how it changes the way you feel.  Trust me.

Today I am passing along a simple outfit formula that you can wear on days like these and be incredibly comfortable and cozy, but still look put together and – dressed.

Click on the picture below and you will be sent to my online Personal Styling Tool where you can see the item details and shop them directly. If you’d like information on working with me personally, click here.

Now go #justgetdressed.

Click on the picture to go to my personal shopping tool, then click on the product to go directly to the retailer. Happy Shopping!


Beth Roy, Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant


What to Wear With Leggings

Today is Day 4 of the JUST GET DRESSED two week challenge, and it’s a leggings day.   Leggings are a fall staple for me, and ideal for other work-from-home-and-want-to-stay-in-our-pj’s-all-day types.  They can be a tricky look to pull off though and it ain’t pretty if it’s not done right…For a review, check out my Leggings are Not Pants post from a few week ago.

Over on the Facebook Page I’ve had a lot of questions  about where to find tops and sweaters that are long enough to wear with leggings, cover the lady parts, and still look good.  Let me tell you…it wasn’t easy to find many.  There are a lot of long cardigans out there that look great with leggings but it’s harder to find long enough pullovers and tops.

Here is a quick round-up of what I’ve found.  Unfortunately, most of the tops are pretty pricey, though the Nordstrom sweaters are a cashmere/wool blend and on sale are a pretty good deal.  I couldn’t find many at the more affordable retailers like Old Navy and Target, but I will keep an eye out and update you if I do.  If you see any, please share!  My personal favorites are the Halogen cashmere shirttail sweater from Nordstrom and the Anthropologie Konya tunic – LOVE.  Now, go get dressed;)


How to Wear Leggings