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10 Day Style Challenge Recap

Wow, what a fun 10 days we had during the #Justgetdressed Challenge.  If you joined us, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even learned a thing or two.   The private Facebook was definitely a highlight and totally blew away my expectations.  This group of women went from being complete strangers, to a virtual sisterhood of encouragement, advice-giving and all-around positivity.  Plus we discovered many connections like childhood homes, high schools and even cousins-in-law!

There were several themes and “lessons learned” during the challenge…and here are the top 4:

  1. Never underestimate the power of a funky necklace.
  2. Neutral wedges are game changing shoes.
  3. A “flowy” top with white jeans, neutral shoes and a long pendant necklace is a perfect summer outfit formula.
  4. Trying new looks, having fun with clothes, and not beating ourselves up (cancel cancel) are all really, really good things.

Some of the fab group members gave me permission to share their pics. Look at some of the gorgeous looks they created with just a little bit of inspiration and absolutely NO shopping:

The private Facebook group was such a hit that we’ve decided to keep it going and I will be dropping in to give advice and answer questions.  If you are interested in what it’s all about, I encourage you to go on Facebook and search B.Styled 10 Day Challenge and click “ask to join”. There is no pressure to post, you can just hang out silently and learn that way too.  Check it out and invite your friends.

If you’d like a rundown of the 10 Challenges to help inspire you the next time you are trying to #justgetdressed…here you go!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and now go #justgetdressed.



Pattern Mixing for Beginners

Today is Day 8 of the 10 Day #justgetdressed Challenge

challenge stretch_color

This is a repost of a blog I wrote back in March 2015:

Pattern Mixing. Do a search on Pinterest and you will see it everywhere, and somehow these bloggers and fashionistas make it look so fabulous and effortless.    I’m drawn to mixed patterns when I see them, but when it comes time to pulling it off in my closet, I confess, I’m a bit of a novice.

Lately I’ve attempted to incorporate more pattern mixing into my look, but my closet is a sea of solids so it can be a challenge.  Not to mention the fact that  I was brought up by a (gorgeous and stylish) mom who never, ever, in her wildest dreams, would pair stripes with plaid.  But, I’m all for adventure and trying new things, so let’s start with baby steps and some easy rules of thumb.

1.  Keep it in the family. As in color family. Different patterns within the same color family is an easy start for us mixing rookies. It’s not quite so in your face, but still a statement and look how fabulous her pairing of navy and white stripes and dots looks:

image: Cape Code Collegiate
image: Cape Code Collegiate










2.  Faux Solids.  Sometimes small prints act as if they’re the solid.  It’s a slight identity crisis because they’re very much a print, but they can totally stand in as a neutral solid.   A tight geometric print or pin stripe, a small consistent polka dot, a leopard print, even camo.  Let them act as your solid.

stripes_plaid polkaplaidstripesleopard






3.  Opposites attract.  This is pattern mixing 101. Pair together a floral and a stripe, a plaid and a polka dot, floral and geometric, animal print and polka dot, a big print with a tiny print…  Your options are really only limited by your imagination.  The key is to remember to keep a your  colors consistent, and remember proportions.  Pair a tight stripe with a larger floral, a wide stripe with a tighter floral.  Make sense?

geo_floral largepattern prints1







I hope this helps demystify the pattern matching challenge and inspires you to try something new.  Experiment, have fun, and…#justgetdressed.




B.Styled 10 Day Challenge #justgetdressed


The B.Styled 10 Day Challenge starts Monday June 13th, so make sure you’re signed up by clicking HERE.

It’s time to get inspired, get creative, and #justgetdressed.

1. There are no rules..  Do all or just some of the daily challenges.  Just don’t let perfectionism keep you from having fun with it.

2. Each day you will receive an email with a prompt to inspire you to see your closet with fresh eyes. If you don’t have something that’s quite right, get creative. Remember to use accessories too!

3. Try not to shop. If one of the challenges points out a hole in your closet that you’d really love to fill, make a note. But try to look at your closet with fresh eyes and find some hidden gems if you can.

4. If you want, snap a selfie and share it on Facebook or Instagram using #justgetdressed.  Be positive and encouraging towards yourself and others.

5. Choose a time deadline for getting dressed each day. This is key for those of us who work at home. Whatever time you pick is fine, but try to hold yourself to it.

6.  Follow along on the Facebook Event Page and my B.Styled Facebook Page where I will be sharing pictures and tips and maybe some videos;)

Let’s go!

When you just wanna stay in your PJ’s….

I hear you, and believe me, the struggle is real from where I’m sitting too. It’s freezing out, you’ll be working from home all day other than the occasional errand or pick up in the car. Getting dressed seems likes an unnecessary and uncomfortable inconvenience.

But, I still stand by my belief that putting on “real” clothes will make you have a better, more productive day. You may even be a wee bit more pleasant and patient with those people you live with — just sayin’.   The next time you’re in a funk and tempted to stay “undressed”…I challenge you to #justgetdressed instead, and notice how it changes the way you feel.  Trust me.

Today I am passing along a simple outfit formula that you can wear on days like these and be incredibly comfortable and cozy, but still look put together and – dressed.

Click on the picture below and you will be sent to my online Personal Styling Tool where you can see the item details and shop them directly. If you’d like information on working with me personally, click here.

Now go #justgetdressed.

Click on the picture to go to my personal shopping tool, then click on the product to go directly to the retailer. Happy Shopping!


Beth Roy, Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant


5 Fashion Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

The term “age appropriate” has become a standard line when talking about how to dress, how to wear our hair, and even the polish we pick for our toes. In fact, I bet if I asked you to list the dressing “don’ts” of women over say 40-ish, you’d have a pretty easy time:

  • Too much cleavage
  • Jeans with too low a rise, exposing even more cleavage (ouch)
  • Wearing legging as pants (and not to work out)…..with a top that doesn’t cover the crotchal region
  • Wearing stilettos with jeans and a plunging neckline…too much vavoom is never a good thing and looks like you’re trying too hard.
  • Donning a crop top, any kind of crop top
  • Showing VPL’s (visible panty lines)
  • Wearing a ponytail, every day, all day (guilty here)

At B.Styled,  the problem I see more often is the opposite one.   I find the fashion mistake women tend to make is dressing too old rather than too young and  It is so gratifying to help women find a personal style that is just right for them.

The reasons many women spiral into the rut of dressing beyond their years vary. The short list includes:

  • weight changes
  • foot issues
  • what they define as “comfortable”
  • a lack of time and/or interest in keeping up with what is current
  • letting themselves fall to the bottom of their priority list.

Many women tell me they are at a loss as to where to shop and what to shop for.  Even though women account for 85% of consumer purchases, approximately 40% of them hate to shop, citing feelings of overwhelm and lack of self-confidence. Dressing room depression is real and a very common issue. My goal is to help my client find that sweet spot – a look that is comfortable and easy, while helping her look and feel her absolute best, no matter her age.

Here is my list of the top 5 fashion mistakes that can make us look older and how to easily fix them:

1. Wearing black, black, and more black: Raise your hand if you have a closet full of black clothing and accessories and have the irresistible urge to always “buy it in black”. There’s no doubt that black has always been the wonder drug when it comes to looking slim and sophisticated. But let’s face it ladies, as we age, our skin tone tends to go paler, so we need to brighten ourselves up a bit. Go ahead and wear black, but not so close to the face. Add scarves, jewelry, colorful tops and jackets to accent your black foundation and provide a needed palette pick-me-up. Not only will this allow you to show your personality, it will take years off your looks and improve the image you are projecting.

2. Over draping: Weight gain and weight “redistribution” is probably the #1 issue I hear from clients as a reason for getting into dressing ruts. They want to cover up and hide the added pounds, but adding more volume with clothing is not the way to go. If you are draping to hide a fuller-on-the top or fuller-in-the-middle proportion you are only creating a more obvious imbalance, making you appear even larger on the top and smaller on the bottom. Instead, opt for something that follows your curves, not hides them. This is where a great fitting, tailored, (not stuffy) jacket is your secret weapon. Don’t believe me? Let me help you find one and you’ll see for yourself;)

A fitted jacket is a game changer. It adds structure to this flowy blouse, and the espresso color is softer than stark black. (Say “hi” to Tessie the photo bomber;)


3. Shoes that weigh more than you do: I am the (former) owner of clunky dansko clogs. Yes, they are comfortable. Yes, they are great for nurses and new moms and working in the garden. No, they don’t look good. If you insist on wearing them, please stick to long wide leg jeans or long boot cut yoga pants. Anything else is just wrong. Find a cute flat or pair of comfortable,  low heeled booties instead.  I will get hate mail for this one I know, but I’m standing firm. Sorry, Dansko.

I speak the truth.

4. Outdated eye glasses: Glasses are an accessory – and an area to have fun and show your personality. They are also a focal point, so you want to make sure that you pick a pair that doesn’t age you. You want to avoid boring and outdated frames and frames that droop downward.

Go to a reputable optometrist with professionals who can help you find the best pair for you.. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing eyewear:

  • Try to add warmth and softness to your face. Translucent colors are often better than hard metals.
  • Add color: one of the easiest ways to add a bit of hipness to your style.
  • After 40 you want things to go up not down, so choose frames that are horizontal and have a slight tilt at the outer edges. You will want the eye to be drawn upward!
  • Get glasses that suit your face shape.

    Great glasses are the most functional and important accessory you will own.
    Great glasses are the most functional and important accessory you will own.

5. The sisters need a new bra: Eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra. Seriously, would you walk around in the wrong size shoes? This is an an easy fix to make you look ten pounds lighter and ten years younger. A well-fitted bra will also help you have better posture, a perkier looking chest – and you will just look better in all your clothes. Clients who have had their first professional bra fitting swear by it as a real game changer. Need a referral? Contact me.



So, there you have it….Conquer these 5 issues and take 10 years off your look;)

Seriously, growing older is a blessing and I know I wouldn’t want to go back in time (well maybe to college…but just for a weekend or two). You deserve to look and feel your absolute best at every stage of life, so make yourself a priority, and rock your best personal style. I’m here to help!


She Who Struggles

I’ve partnered with friend, client and fellow business owner, Karen Collins, on a new series, appropriately titled ‘she who struggles’.  All of us, regardless of how successful, creative or competent at life we may appear, still struggle in one way or another. I struggle with many things, including seemingly simple stuff like staying on task, figuring out how to successfully feed my family, and getting my dogs to behave.

Karen on the other hand, is a creative genius, an accomplished pastry chef and owner of the much beloved wholesale bakery Bisousweet Confections.  She  however,  struggles with getting dressed.  A lot.   This past Sunday I received an S.O.S call from her as she was getting dressed for a party in NYC.  What follows is a guest post by Karen recounting this classic episode of ‘she who struggles’. Stay tuned for more installments,  and feel free to share how you may have your own inner she who struggles.


My name is Karen Collins, and I struggle figuring out what to wear. I’ve known this about myself since elementary school, and frankly, I’ve grown used to this weakness. One way or another, I’ve always managed to figure out some sort of outfit.  In a nutshell, I’ve never been a fashion-forward kind of girl, and I’m totally fine with that.

As an adult, I continue to struggle with getting dressed, shopping, and apparently, packing for trips. I have a warped body image and avoid looking in mirrors as much as possible. I am lucky, because I don’t have to worry about looking nice at work. I own Bisousweet Confections, a wholesale bakery & am a pastry chef, so getting dressed for work is easy…clogs, down vest (much to Beth’s dismay, but I’m always cold and it works for me), clothes that can get dirty. It’s outside the bakery where I run into trouble.

I have been working with Beth Roy from B.Styled for five or six years, and she has saved me more times than I can count. I’ve done her Closet Cleanse and am in the process of buying the items on her  B.Styled 30 Essentials. list.. It is helping me create a functional wardrobe, and my goal is to get up the guts to actually wear some of the items.  It’s a work in progress, and Beth is helping to guide me, ever so patiently;)

A month ago, my husband and I went to NYC to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I worked with Beth to figure out what to pack for the weekend.    I felt great in the outfits, had no issues getting dressed, and was filled with gratitude that I didn’t have to make my husband wait an hour for me to figure out what to put on my body.  He sent this to Beth that day:


Last weekend, my husband and I went back to NYC  for one night  to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday.   This time I put almost no effort into planning what to bring, I didn’t call Beth ahead of time, I didn’t plan….and it did not turn out well.

I packed a cute sweater dress, tights and black booties for Saturday. My guess is that the only suggestion Beth would have made to me is that I could have added a ‘statement necklace’ (that’s my goal for 2017…one thing at a time). For the party on Sunday, I brought pixie black pant/legging things from J Crew that Beth recommended, an oversize gray cowl neck sweater, a white collared shirt and same black booties.  All good.

Except…it wasn’t.

Why? Because I brought ‘winter clothes’ because, after all, it’s winter.  Unfortunately, Grammy keeps the apartment  temp at 85 degrees. My husband summed it up beautifully: “they could grow tomatoes in there”.

I had great clothes, I just didn’t have the ‘right’ clothes. And, I had no plan B.

Late Sunday morning, I texted Beth from the streets of NYC, in a state of slight desperation.   Here is a (only slightly edited) recap of our text conversation:

she who struggles: What would Beth do? Packed what I thought were appropriate party clothes (sweater/jeans/boots). Unfortunately, Grammy keeps the apartment at 85 degrees and I will melt if I wear that. Should have brought tank top and shorts.

Beth: The day you melt is the day hell freezes over. What time is the party?

she who struggles: Hell hath frozen. And turned into sweat. Party is in one hour. Out shopping a sales rack for the first time ever.

Beth: You need your dark wash jeans, boots and a great blouse. And a funky necklace. Steal one from Grammy.  And sales racks are the best!  Send me a pic before you buy anything.

she who struggles: I have no clue where I am. I am supposed to be buying ice cream.

Beth: Is it even a clothing store?

she who struggles: I’m so confused. I don’t know what kind of store this is. I asked the lady where the new arrival non-sale racks are. Turns out it’s a consignment shop. Never been in one of these. Found a DVF white wrap blouse for 50 bucks?

*Note: Had she who struggles slowed down one tiny bit, she might have taken note of the name of the store, which in turn, may have clued her into where she was shopping. What was the store, you ask? 2nd Time Around. Sigh. Great place, by the way, locations all over the country too.  Who knew?

Beth: A consignment shop on Lexington Ave. must be good. Buy the shirt,. You done good. Wear a cool necklace with it.

I bought the shirt, grabbed some ice cream and ran back to the apartment. 40 minutes until the party started. I showered, did my hair, and started to get dressed.

That’s when the second part of the nightmare started.

The shirt just happened to be a bit sheer, and the only bra I brought with me was, of course, lace. I didn’t have a wrap with me that would have helped cover up the fact that you could see my bra. And, just like that, I was back again in the land of wearing a cashmere sweater  and a white collared shirt in an 85 degree apartment. Following orders, I texted Beth a picture:

AKA The Flying Nun Look

Beth: Can I see it without the sweater? And you are freaking adorable.

she who struggles: No, you can’t because I only packed the skinny shirt and the new shirt is too see through and I only packed a lace bra so can’t wear it.

*Note: a “skinny shirt” is a faux button down shirt Beth told me about, and it’s totally genius, unless you need to shed your top layer because you’re sweating to death.

Beth: Then let me see it without the collar. The collar sticking out of the turtleneck reminds me of the flying nun. Sorry.

What about this???
What about this???

Beth: Yes! That’s it! Love it! Now go steal a long necklace from Grammy.  Preferably on a substantial chain.  You’re good to go. Don’t stress about the necklace if you can’t find one, but remember it for next time. Unless Grammy has one, in which case steal it.

my final answer is…this.
my final answer is…this.

Beth: Home Run! Perfection! Where’s that necklace been all my life??

she who struggles: In my drawer. Gift from Eddie. Don’t feel comfortable wearing it.

Beth: You look gorgeous. Now go have fun. I love you, grasshopper.

Beth: Will you keep the necklace on just for me?

she who struggles: Yes, I will keep the necklace on but I am SWEATING SO MUCH I might have to take off the rest of my clothes.

The story ended well enough. Like always, I managed to get dressed. I went to the party and stood by an open window when possible. I was drenched the entire party, but no one saw a thing.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Never ever travel with just one bra.
  2. Always pack back-up options and accessories so that you have options
  3. Try on your outfit before you leave the house to avoid the last minute messing around.
  4. Travel with jewelry. Especially cool necklaces.
  5. Travel with baby powder. And tissues.
  6. Travel with sweatbands.
  7. Travel with one pair of flats.
  8. Plan outfits around layers.
  9. If you think you might be in a consignment store, don’t be a jerk and ask where ‘the new stuff’ is.
  10. Never try to shop before noon on a Sunday. You won’t be able to get much done.
  11. Find out Beth Roy’s cell phone number and text her for help during any dressing emergency.

May your next special occasion preparation look nothing like this.



Thank you Karen (aka she who struggles) for sharing this experience with us all;) I love helping fabulous women who struggle with getting dressed,  so drop me a note anytime and we’ll figure it out together.

Now go #justgetdressed;)




Do you have the right stuff in your closet?


This really is the key when I tell you to #justgetdressed, isn’t it?  If you go to your closet and are met with a mess of random, disorganized and uncoordinated clothes, then getting dressed is going to be stressful and difficult.


cant-cookI compare it to when I try to #justmakedinner.  I go to my fridge and pantry and am faced with an incoherent collection of various and random items – none of which make any sense to me.   So for me, making dinner is often stressful and difficult.  For many of you on the other hand, cooking and creating fabulous meals is a creative joy.  We all have our strengths and challenges, right?  So when one of you starts a blog that teaches me how to #justcookdinner and you make it simple, organized, affordable and fun – I’ll be your first customer;)


That is exactly what I have created with the B.Styled Essentials Program.  This is your roadmap to a wardrobe that is Perfect-for-You, and it is presented in an organized, simple, easy-to-follow way.    I take the guess work out of “what to buy” – so you buy less….and the things you do buy  MAKE SENSE.


As the days get shorter and colder, it is tempting to default to yoga pants, sweats and “comfy pants” everyday.  But, trust me, once you have a wardrobe made up of easy, versatile, great-looking and just-right-for-you clothes, getting dressed will come naturally, and you will look and feel better; I promise.

Now if someone could make dinner for my family, all would be well with the world.


One of the biggest bonuses of the B.Styled Essentials Program is the private “club” that you can access for free.   Members can ask me questions, get advice, send me pictures and get insider sale tips – not mention shopping advice and links (that will be especially useful with the holiday season approaching).   Here are some members’  comments about the program:

  • Thanks to Beth and her “Essentials” list, I have a combination of so many great outfits. Getting dressed in the morning used to be a drag but now I know I can go to the list and put something great together! Thanks Beth! You always help me look my best! S.B., Massachusetts
  • The Building Your Perfect Wardrobe program has been great. Beth’s essentials list has made getiing dress everyday so much easier. Love that she offers different price points and really guides you in the right direction. Thank you Beth for all your encouragement.  L.K., New Jersey
  • Love everything about Beth’s “private” club! So glad I joined. It has improved my wardrobe and my outlook about getting dressed every day. Thank you! A.D., New Jersey
  • Love, love, love this program! Fantastic resource for building a Real Wardrobe….and…..the Members Only video is a huge highlight! “That magical third piece…”  M.B., Virginia
  • LOVE the essentials list!!!! Next best thing to having you come to my house every day so that I #justgetdressed ! The way you categorized everything was super easy to figure out what I already had in my closet! OH and the extra special text attention is pretty cool too my friend! ? O.E. Massachusetts
  • When it comes to shopping for clothes and getting dressed, I am useless. I signed up for Beth’s program hoping it would help me fill my closet with items that I could actually wear & feel pretty wearing. I only recently started shopping from her Look Book, and cannot believe I waited this long to get started. I love her suggestions, the clothing is affordable, and shopping has never been easier. Beth – I cannot thank you enough for this. xoxo, K.C., Massachusetts
  • Love this list of essentials – it is exactly what my wardrobe needs! I just ordered the jeans and a top – and both items were on sale at Nordstrom with free shipping! I’ve ask B. to help me find a new pair of heels that are both fabulous and super comfortable….she has sent me some great options that I will be sure to try. Thanks, B.!  K.A., Massachusetts

    Click HERE to sign up and #justgetdressed.Cheers!



Day 4: Grey, Tan and Gold

Do you have dressing “habits”?  Do you buy something to “go with” something else and only associate the two things together? It’s time for some flexible thinking when it comes to getting dressed.

For example, do you think of grey as “going with” black and silver?   When you break out of these mind sets, you open yourself (and your wardrobe) to all kinds of new possibilities – like grey with tan and gold.  Not a revolutionary idea,  not original – but still a break from what you may be  used to doing.

You don’t need to buy lots of new “stuff” when you start being creative with what you already have.

This week I met with 3 different clients and shopped their closets.  For each client, we spent 2 hours and created innumerable looks and combinations.  With a few minor exceptions,  they already own everything they need.   It was a matter of    seeing their clothes with new eyes and putting it all together.  We took pictures and uploaded them into their personal on-line “closet”  – making it all the more easy to #justgetdressed.   Best of all, it was very fun and completely painless.  Let me know if you’d like some help too.

Here’s Day 4 of #1outfit5days with shopping links below.  Now, go #justgetdressed.






Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 7.38.32 AM



Day 3: Long Sweater/Wrap

Today I’m headed out t0 meet with a new client and will be spending a lot of time in the car, so I wanted to be comfortable in my #1outfit5days  jeans/t-shirt “uniform”.  These jeans by Wit and Wisdom are as comfortable as yoga pants – I meant it.  They have a ton of stretch, they don’t bind, and the higher waist holds everything in.  I added a long open cardigan (.it is sold out but is available in a black print – see below).  I decided to trade out my signature hoops for some red stone earrings and a simple gold chain necklace.


If you need a new pair of dark wash, stretchy skinny jeans, you should give  these a try…They look and feel like pricey designer jeans, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the price tag!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.28.39 AM

Now go #justgetdressed.


One Outfit, Five Days

Why is it so hard some days to #justgetdressed?  One reason is that we tend to over-think and over-complicate the process.

I don’t consider myself to be a fashionista  but I do love clothes and I enjoy the process of creating looks and “getting dressed”.   To help all you girls who struggle with the “what to wear” conundrum, I’ve decided to undertake a five day style challenge.

I will wear the same basic outfit everyday, Monday through Friday:  jeans and a white top.  You can follow along on my Facebook page and on Instagram and Twitter so can see what I come up with.

Just for fun, I’m not going to tell my family (3 sons, a husband, and my mom) that I’m doing this. Any guesses as to whether they’ll notice? I’m thinking, NOT. 😉

Here’s the blank slate I will be working with….See you on Monday!

Now go #justgetdressed.


Click on image to shop