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How to Cleanse Your Closet and Build a Wardrobe You Love

YIKES.  That was my closet.

If you’re  like me, having too much “stuff” around can cause stress and crankiness, But for me it can be hard to get started with an organizing project.   Just looking at this picture (of my very own, pre-cleanse closet) makes me tense.

Imagine having an  organized closet filled only with items that fit the body you have today, work for your lifestyle –and make you feel confident, comfortable and put together.

No more opening your closet door and feeling stressed out and annoyed by how jammed packed and disorganized it is – yet still having “nothing to wear.”

This is my closet AFTER I followed my Closet Cleanse step-by-step process. I don’t pretend to be an organizing guru. However,  I developed the B.Styled Closet Cleanse program after spending years helping other women get their wardrobes under control and filled ONLY with items they love, need and actually wear.

Over the years I’ve read books and signed up for organization challenges and programs.  However, I’ve always found that what was missing was the real nitty gritty;

The detailed, step-by-step tasks to keep me focused and on-track, and not overwhelmed.

I loved the message and intent behind Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and her philosophy that every item needs to be touched, keeping only those that “spark joy”.  What has kept me from implementing her program though is the thought of spending several consecutive days pulling every single thing out at one time.

I understand the benefit of this approach, but for me it was too overwhelming and became an excuse to delay getting started.  .   

My own struggle with the process is what prompted me to create the B.Styled Closet Cleanse Program.

I’ve broken the Closet Cleanse down into very clear, simple, and manageable tasks that can be accomplished in 15 minute blocks of time.

The program includes a printable checklist (and just enough bossy-ness;) to keep you on track.

You can choose to do several 15 minutes tasks at one time, or do them daily as your schedule permits.  The program is designed so you don’t have to live in a state of total disarray during the process.  

And although I had clothing closets in mind when I developed the cleanse, I have applied the process to other closets and areas of my home as well.

CLICK HERE for more details and to sign up.  Included in the small fee is all the info you need:

  • A (very short & limited) list of simple, inexpensive supplies
  •  Instructions for each step in the process
  • A printable step-by-step checklist

I won’t lie, the Cleanse is the hard part, but it gives you the freedom to move on to the next stage which is the FUN part…Building a wardrobe you love.

This is where the B.Styled STYLE SYSTEM come in….Once you’ve ruthlessly purged your closet and gotten rid of all the stuff you don’t wear and don’t love, you can start to rebuild your wardrobe into one you will love and makes you feel confident and comfortable.Here are some highlights of what the B.Styled STYLE SYSTEM can do for you:

Learn to shop with a purpose and gain confidence through easy “done for you” outfit formulas. It’s about changing your relationship with your clothes and through that, your relationship with yourself.

You can finally end the cycle of always having to buy more things, but finding you still don’t have what you really need or want.

The B.Styled STYLE SYSTEM give you everything need to shop smart and look stylish. You’ll know exactly what pieces you need to build a capsule wardrobe that works for most occasions, what the current trends are and how to choose things that fit your personal style and flatter your figure.

I provide the shopping list and show you exactly how to pair up the outfits. You pick the pieces and decide the budget.  Most of our members shop their closets first.

My goal is to empower you to take risks and discover your own unique style. You’ll get all the tools you need to build a capsule wardrobe of flexible, functional pieces that you can pair up in multiple ways.

If you’re ready to rebuild your wardrobe and try new styles outside of your comfort zone, I’d love to have you join us.

 The FALL STYLE SYSTEM   is going on now.  We’ve done one “round” of 21 outfit formulas, but because fall is really just kicking in now (and we’re having so much fun) we ‘re starting the cycle over again so you can jump in anytime!  

 ** For a Limited time you can join the B.Styled  FALL2017  STYLES SYSTEM  and get the CLOSET CLEANSE PROGRAM for FREE.   PLUS – take $10 off registration with code ROUND2



The B.Styled Closet Cleanse


For many of us, our closets are a source of stress and negative self talk.  I consult with women in their closets every week, helping them with their clothes and wardrobe.   Almost without exception, we women beat ourselves up for having  closets packed with  clothes – much of which doesn’t fit or that we don’t even like let alone  feel good in. This is  not a good way to start the day —  and now is the time for change.   But who has the time (or the desire) to spend an entire day (or weekend) purging and organizing our closet?  Nope?  Me neither.

That’s why I developed the 15 minutes for 15 days Closet Cleanse Program.  I’ve broken this somewhat-miserable job into  daily, step-by-step missions that are relatively easy, painless and extremely rewarding.  Rewarding because it works.  You will see results starting the very first day.  Face it, you can do just about anything for 15 minutes, right?  And if you stay focused and on task during those 15 minutes, you will be shocked by what you can accomplish.  Trust me, I’ve done it, and it works.

To quote a fellow Closet Cleanse Member: For the price of a top you bought once on impulse and never wore again, you can get expert advice, simplify your life, and look (feel!) better every day!” 

And because everything is more fun with friends, there is  also  an optional, private Facebook group for Closet Cleanse Members so we can share ideas, pictures, and ask for advice…i.e., “Is this a Keep or a Toss?”, “How do you store your scarves?”, “Do I really have to get rid of that peach taffeta bridesmaid dress?“, etc., etc.

Sure, you could do this on your own without paying me $14.99.  It’s not rocket science and we are smart women, right?  Yes, but for some reason, this is one job that many of us are at a loss to do.  We procrastinate, we make excuses, we just don’t do it.  Yet how many  tops, sweaters or pairs of pants have you bought at TJMaxx (or wherever) only to see them hanging in your closet unworn?  Who needs the negative self-talk that these impulse purchases cause?  Instead, let’s work with what we already have in our closets…purge, edit and cleanse… and maybe even uncover some hidden gems we never think to wear.

If you’ve been putting this job off till “someday, when I have time“…well, then that someday is NOW.  And you have time, because everyone can find 15 minutes in their day..

Are you ready?  Let’s do this.

Click here for more details and to register.