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Holiday Gift Ideas for HER, Under $100

As you may or may not know,  I’ve added  Stella & Dot Stylist, to my lists of services.  I have been a huge fan of Stella & Dot  jewelry for a while, and am so impressed with the high quality and unique, on-trend yet tasteful designs.  I was buying so much, it made sense to become a stylist to justify my habit;)   With the holidays upon us, now is a great time to shop and save as they have two great promos going on.  First is their famous Dot Dollars event!

This is a great way to take care of some holiday shopping and/or treat yourself to items you may have been eying.


Dot Dollars is a promotion Stella & Dot runs a couple of times a year where you can earn $25 back on every $50 you spend. So,  for every $50 you spend from now till 12/12/17, you will receive a credit for $25 to spend from December 28th – January 3rd, 2018.   Nice deal, and the credit will be added to your account automatically.


Now through mid-January,  I’m hosting a Virtual Trunk Show so you can take also advantage of the

Trunk Show Exclusives are select items that you can purchase at 50% off with an order of $50 or more. They are only available at that price when purchased through a Trunk Show….And some of their best styles are included this month!  This month’s Trunk Show Exclusives are pictured below.  Some of my personal favs are the getaway bag, leopard watch, leopard clutch, orbital ring and Bleeker tote.

Remember to shop through my Virtual Trunk Show to take advantage of the Trunk Show Exclusives. Just add your desired Trunk Show Exclusive items to your cart, and as long as you have $50 of other Stella & Dot merchandise in your cart, the 50% off deduction will be reflected at checkout.

Another bonus — if you shop my Virtual Trunk Show and spend $100, in addition to your Dot Dollars, you will get a pair of sparkle studs as a FREE gift!  They will be added to your cart automatically. These are the perfect, classic cz studs that  I wear all the time….and you can even chose from smokey, gold or silver (I have the silver, but would love to have the smokey for a change).



I put together a list of some of my favorite holiday gift ideas under $100….and in some cases under $50.  If you are looking for a specific recommendation, I’m happy to help…just drop me a note or reply to the email.

Faux Sure Gift Set $95   How fun is this faux fur stole and matching beanie with interchangeable pompoms!?!  I have both, and wear the hat almost every day and can’t wait to wear the stole this winter.


Margeaux Clutch  $69  ~ I own this sequin fold over clutch and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  The pewter and jet double-sided sequins make a fun pattern when you move them around, or you can smooth them out for more of a solid look.Yves Wrap Bracelet $59  ~ I have this bracelet on my wish list.  I love that it has a bit of an edge to it, and it’s casual enough to wear everyday but it also gives your going-out outfit a touch of “cool”.

 Eliza Fringe Necklace $59 ~  I am torn between getting this necklace or the Logan which I also love and is a similar style but $98.  This unique piece is so cool with the combination of black suede, shiny gold fringe, and subtle sparkle. It can be a necklace or a bracelet, and the necklace can be worn as a choker, lariat, or station necklace at varying lengths.  How’s that for versatility?  (You know how much I love that word).


Rose’ all Day Gift Set  ~ $40 This  gift set is a chic and affordable holiday treat! Featuring best-selling luxe studs and the perfect pouch to pair it with.  Perfect gift for everyone from your daughter to your babysitter, hairstylist or teacher.


Reversible Infinity Scarf  $51.99  ~  I’ve been wearing this scarf constantly all fall…and love that it really is a year ’round accessory.  It gives me two distinct looks – with a black and white pattern on one side and a different graphic pattern with wine on the other side.  

Roz One Shoulder Top $69 ~I wore this fun top on Thanksgiving and it was so comfortable and fun to wear.  The one shoulder style gave it a festive touch, but was easier to wear than a traditional off the shoulder that you constantly have to keep pulling down if you talk with your hands!   I love the color this time of year, but it will work all year ’round as well.  Looks great with black, denim, white and gray.

It’s sometime hard to tell from the pictures how beautiful these accessories are, but I am truly impressed with the quality and styling given the price point.  Best of all, Stella & Dot wants you to be completely satisfied.  If you’re not absolutely delighted with your Stella & Dot purchase, you can return your item(s) for a refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase. They are happy to provide you a cash refund within 30 days and Store Credit within 90 days.

As your Stella & Dot Stylist, I am available to help with any issues that might come up.  You can find my name and picture in the upper left corner of the site, and click on it to reach me with any questions or if you are looking for suggestions.

Thanks for reading!  Cheers, Beth

One Outfit, Five Days

Do you think you could wear the same “outfit” every day, Monday through Friday?

I’ve done it – jeans and a white top – 5 days straight, and no one even noticed.  . And it was easy.  The hard part was keeping the white top clean and getting the pictures taken.

Jeans and a white (or other plain, neutral top) is the perfect foundation for just about any look.  If your work or lifestyle negates wearing jeans, you could replace black slacks, ankle pants or a pencil skirt and have the same result.

The secret is the third piece that makes an outfit special.  It can be a jacket, a cardigan, a vest, a scarf, a statement necklace, a wrap, a poncho…. The third piece is the game changer.  .

Here is a recap of my looks.  Click here for all the shopping links.

Day 1: Sporty Vest and Accessories


Day 2:  Classic Trench and Leopard Flats


Day 3: Long Cardigan


Day 4:  Grey V-neck Sweater and Tan Boots


Day 5:  Faux Leather Jacket


Do you think you could do it?  Maybe this should be our next 5 day challenge!  Join my free private Facebook group where I run occasional challenges like this one.

B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge

The B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge will help you focus on the essentials and show you how to create amazing looks with less clothing. Enrollment is now open….there’s a special bonus for early registrants! Click HERE for details.


Thanks for reading now, go #justgetdressed.  😉


#justgetdressed….in a comfy dress

It’s been a long winter girls, but it’s time to retire the leggings and comfy sweats.  So I want everyone to step away from the bag of chips, get the razor out, and start putting some spring in your everyday look.  No need to  freak out though.  If you live in the Northeast, you may be having winter PSD, so you can ease into it with a dress that is just as comfy as sweats, but looks great and shows that you can actually #justgetdressed.

I love the flattering shape of this trapeze dress that is fitted on top and falls effortlessly over curves  (which is code for it doesn’t cling to that extra winter padding).

Wear it now with tights and boots (your must-have denim jacket would look cool too – this one is from JCrew ).  In the spring, bare your newly shaved legs and wear booties, wedge sandals or ballet flats.

It comes in several colors including black, cobalt, grey and this pretty plum color.

I love the addition of a long pendant necklace.  It  elongates the silhouette and is just plain cool & chic (just like you;)    A scarf would work well too and would be a great way to add some color, texture or pattern.

longnecklace   trapeze  scarf


I am finding some great looks at Express…which cracks me up because I haven’t shopped there since my hair was much bigger and my wrinkles were much smaller.   But if you stick to classic lines (and maybe skip the belly shirts) you can score some fun, well-priced finds.  Now, go get dressed!

😉 Beth

B.Styled’s Accessory Formulas

I hate math….yet, I love formulas.  Not those awful math formulas, but instead the kind that tells you, step-by-step, exactly what to doIn fact, I need a formula for making my family dinner every night, so if you have one of those, please share.

What I do have though, are formulas for choosing accessories for any given outfit.  Most of them use the Rule of Three…stick to no more than 3 accessories and only ONE “statement” piece.

Here are some of my favorite formulas, and I’ll be adding to the list, so check back here for more.

This first formula marks the change to SPRING and SUMMER!  Most of the year I wear skinny hoops  in silver or gold almost daily.  When the weather gets warmer, I love to add some color with earrings.  This pair of aqua stones are simple enough that I  wear them all the time just as I would my hoops.  The light aqua color “goes with” just about all my favorite spring colors – bright yellow/green, fuchsia, coral, navy, etc.   If you prefer smaller stud earrings, try a simple pair like these in a fun color for a change of pace.  And don’t feel like you need to “match” your earrings with your top or scarf….Instead, try pairing two unexpected yet complementary solid colors for a fresh new look.







Pretty simple, right?

I’ll be adding formulas  so check back here and on Facebook.

Now, go accessorize! 😉


And The #1 Closet Staple is…

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.04.07 PMAdmit it…the suspense has been killing you, keeping you awake at night, on the edge of your seat.  Well, as I drafted my top 10 picks for Closet Staples, I knew which one is,  and always will be numero uno on my list…SIGNATURE ACCESSORIES.  If you take a look at almost all the other 9 items — none of them have the same impact, wow-factor, or image-making power as fabulous accessories.  If you know me,  you know that my mantra has always been to start with a great, simple foundation and then change it, transform it and mix it up with accessories.  It’s really the most fun part of creating a look.  Accessories are where you can truly let your personality shine through,  and how you can make a statement to the world.   Maybe it’s a pair of signature hoops,  or a leopard scarf,  or an outfit-making necklace — your accessories are what make an outfit memorable.   And you don’t have to spend a fortune on them.  There are so many sources now for gorgeous and affordable jewelry and scarves that you can experiment with trends and break out of your comfort zone without having to spend much.  Plus, your accessories will always fit you, no matter where you are on the scale. 😉










If you go back and look at the other items on the Top 10 LIst – all the staples are made fabulous by the addition of accessories:

statmentneck statementearringsscarfblazerpinkcardiblazer-jeans30casual lbdwhitetshirtblazer-jeans10





Whether it’s your LBD, trench,  white shirt, cardigan, black pants, blazer, or jeans  — ALL need accessories to make them SING.  So go for it, have fun with accessories, and and when in doubt, remember the words of our girl Carrie Bradshaw:


xo, Beth

Managing Trend Trauma

Yesterday’s challenge involved picking a trend from spring and going for it.  Often when we think of trends, we automatically think young. Let’s face it, many trends are meant solely for young women (think belly baring tops and micro mini-skirts). However, each season there are trends that can be worn no matter how old you are.

Let’s talk about how to know if a trend is right for you. The answer is in how you feel when you put it on. Do you feel confident and pulled together? Or do you feel silly and self-conscious? There’s your answer. To wear a trend well you have wear it with confidence – put a smile on your face, a strut in your step, and stand up straight.  You’ve got to own it girlfriend.

It’s ok to start with baby steps too. Jewelry is an easy way to add a trendy touch to your everyday look. If you’ve been wearing stud earrings every day since 1995, now is not the time to put on a pair of 3″ statement earrings. But why not try a pair of skinny hoops, or gorgeous, stone earrings in a favorite color?  If you wear a thin gold bracelet everyday or just a watch, try adding some bangles or thicker link bracelets to the mix. Jewelry is one of the ways we women “of a certain age” (read: over 40) tend to age ourselves. We used to think it had to be “real” to wear it, so some women stick to thin 18k gold chains and tiny earrings. Try updating your jewelry collection with some fun (inexpensive) costume jewelry. The key to making this look chic and not clownish is to pick ONE piece as the focal point and keep everything else simple. For example, a statement necklace with cz or diamond studs. Or a pair of statement earrings with no necklace but maybe a collection of bracelets in the same vibe.

If you need help picking out some costume jewelry that looks chic and age-appropriate but still fun and flirty, let me know.  I will send you a questionaire about the colors, metals and styles you like and I will shop for you and send you links and pictures to affordable, fun and gorgeous pieces that will add instant chic to your look, including fabulous pieces you can wear everyday.    Just fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch.  My rate is $50 per hour, and depending on what you are looking for, I can get you several recommendations in an hour or less.  

In the meantime,  while you’re not going to raid your teen daughter’s closet for her mini skirts for belly shirts, feel free to steal from her jewelry box. Besides, you probably paid for it anyway;)