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Your Spring Dress Buying Strategy

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Alright kids, you don’t need me to tell you Spring is HERE.  The question is, what are you going to do when the invites start rolling in for all those events….weddings, confirmations, communions, bar mitzvahs, graduations, etc, etc???

Do you shudder with the thought of “crap, what am I going to wear?” Or do you have a small but fabulous collection of dresses you can rely on?  Having a dress on hand when the invite arrives, is, as my mom would say, “like money in the bank”.

A basic rule to remember when it comes to dresses is that it’s impossible very hard to find the perfect dress when you’re looking for it, especially under a time crunch.   A better approach is to first weed out the dresses taking up space in your closet that you would never reach for and give them a new home.  Next, always  keep an eye out for dresses you love, and when you see something, and it fits the following criteria, GRAB it.

B.Styled’s Criteria for Dress Buying ( Even if You Don’t Have an Event – yet): 

  1. Impact:   It jumps out at you at the store or on the website.   Just like a piece of art, you’ll know it when you see it, and when you have that visceral reaction,  get the credit card out.  Trust me, you’ll thank me.
  2. Fit and Flattery:  The dress fits and flatters your figure today.  And by today, I mean, now.  Not your figure from last year,  or the one you plan to have next year.  Focus on the current, fabulous YOU and highlighting all your best assets.
  3. Timelessness:  Steer clear of trends that won’t make sense a month, let alone a year from now.  Classic shapes, colors and patterns are the way to go.  Know which shapes best suit your figure (I know a personal stylist who can help with that;)   Styles like sheaths, shifts and fit & flares are never going  out of style.  (Just google Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn.)  Trendy looks such as one shoulder, cold shoulder or cut outs are fun and have their place, but these are not your “go-to’s”.I put together a shopping catalog of some of my favorite dresses in three basic categories.

    Event:  weddings, graduations, etc.
    Work to Play:  appropriate for work and post work events, conferences, cocktail parties, etc.
    Casual: Easy dresses to throw on in lieu of jeans or shorts that are “one and done”

    .And just because I like you, I even included some shoe suggestions for each category.Click HERE to access the catalog.  Note that I do receive a small commission from the retailers if you purchase from clicking my links, so thanks for your support.

    Here’s a casual look with the Target t-shirt dress I wore today:

    Giving my jeans a break.

    Of course, I’m here to help if you need specific suggestions or help – just send me a note, or go fill out a free new client profile.  This allows you to start building your own virtual closet like this example.   I have priced my services in a way to makes personal shopping, whether virtually or in person, accessible and non-intimidating.  My clients find that they actually end up spending less on clothes and have more to wear after working with me.  Click here for info on my services.

    Now, go #justgetdressed and have a great weekend!


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