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She Who Struggles – in her closet

Welcome to a new installment of ‘She Who Struggles’ a guest post collaboration with my friend and client, Karen Collins (know to many as the genius talent behind Bisousweet Confections).   Click HERE to  read the first ‘She Who Struggles’ post, where we get a hilarious look into Karen’s struggle to #justgetdressed for a 100th b-day party in NYC.

Karen’s  latest struggle revolves  the battle to find something to wear amongst the chaos that is her closet.

Part I:

She Who Struggles stood in front of her closet, wearing nothing but panties & a bra. Looking over at the clock on her husband’s bureau, she felt the pressure of time. She had a party to go to, and couldn’t find anything to wear. The closet was overflowing with clothing, yet nothing felt pretty or right.

The Dance begins. Shirts are tried on and discarded on the bed. Pants are pulled on, peeled off and shimmied back on again. Ever so slowly, an outfit comes together. Flashes of fashion advice run through her mind: To necklace, or not. What about the scarf? Crap…which shoes? Hoops/studs/chandeliers? Out of time, She Who Struggles gives up and walks out into the world, uncomfortable in her own skin, hair wet, no make-up, feeling like a failure.

Determined to find a new way, She Who Struggles decides to follow her friend’s advice: It’s time to tackle the closet.

15 minutes a day. That’s all it will take to create a better way to just get dressed. There’s no reason not to try.

Follow along as She Who Struggles attempts to accept herself and her style in Operation Closet Cleanse.

Before…Lots of shoes, few ever worn.
Before…Where to begin?

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