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Personalized Style Advice

If you’re on the fence about joining the B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge, I want share some of the experiences and feedback I’ve had so far.

My #1 goal is to provide over-the-top service to each and every member.

That means that when you have a specific question during the challenge, you can email me or post it on the Facebook group and I will personally respond with tailored-for-you advice.

For example:

  •  I’ve helped people find shoe substitutes to suit their foot “issues”.
  • I’ve given detailed advice about dressing particular body shapes.
  • I’ve searched for substitute items that are a better color or style for particular a person/people.

And here’s just a few comments from members in our private Facebook group:

“This challenge is perfect as I’m shocked at the number of unworn, unusable items in my closet cleanse. What a waste of $$!!  It’s so much better to have a “plan” when shopping instead of randomly grabbing things you think you have to have.  This challenge keeps me focused and I spend less!  

I was looking into StitchFix which led me to you. And I’m so happy it did. After starting your Closet Cleanse I am discovering that I already have a lot of the pieces for the challenge already! Thank you so much for saying “shop your closet first”. My purchases for this challenge will be few.

Beth, I just have to say that I’m enjoying this challenge and it hasn’t even started yet! I want to thank you (and all the ladies in this group) for showing me how to re-think the clothes I have into different outfits rather than same ole, same ole outfits. And also to see color pairings that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought to put together. I’m also starting to step outside my comfort zone. Thanks again!

I LOVE the Essentials Catalog that you offer. It’s so helpful to see everything in one place!  I love how you provide options for different shapes, sizes and budgets.  This is a totally new and unique way of shopping that is easy and efficient.  


You can check out the B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge now at no-risk at all!  Sign up now  and if you decide it’s not for you, the money-back guarantee is good through September 21st, no questions asked.

Sign up now and get your complete shopping list and access to the first 7 outfits right away. Plus you’ll get my bonus Closet Cleanse program for FREE if sign up by midnight September 21st.   All 21 outfits will be released on September 22nd, and you have the entire season to enjoy your fabulous wardrobe.   Let’s get your clothes working for you this fall!

Sign up HERE.

Now, go #justgetdressed;)



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