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Nordstrom Fall Sale Picks

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Hard to believe that it’s 73+ degrees today in Boston,  and the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale is underway… but we’ll take it, right?

Now, you have to be careful with this sale, because unlike the Anniversary sale in July, which features brand new fall product that is marked down and then goes back to full price, this is a true clearance.  This basically means they are getting rid of stuff.  So don’t buy things just because it’s a “great deal”.  Make sure it’s something that fills a need in your closet or addresses one of the 31 B.Styled Essentials.

I’ve spent hours going through the sale so you don’t have to.  It ‘s well over 100 pages long so you can thank me later;)    Click on the picture below or here to get my recommendations and shopping links.  I will be adding to this list as the sale continues, so check back on the link often.

In my opinion, the best items to buy at this sale are designer jeans and boots.  You can choose from some great designers and styles that are a smart purchase even at full price, so if you can get them on sale, it’s an all around win.  And with free shipping and free returns, you can do it all from home.  I ordered the flare jeans in two sizes and will return one.  You’ll have access to a much greater selection on-line than in the store.

Remember qualities and sizes are limited though, so you snooze, you lose.  But most importantly – shop strategically and with a purpose.  Any questions? Drop me a note here or on Facebook or Twitter.

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Now go #justgetdressed.


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