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It’s True, Leggings are NOT Pants

Not an original statement, I know.  I also know that most of you reading this are fully aware that leggings are fabulous, comfortable and great-looking, provided they are worn as leggings…not as pants.  I’ll be blunt here…They aren’t pants because unlike pants (even skinny jeans) with leggings you have to —- and I mean it here —you HAVE to cover your crotchal region when you wear leggings.  This is non-negotiable. A picture does indeed paint a thousand words, so here ya go:

leggingsarenotpants Even if you spend 1,000 hours a week doing squats, you can’t wear leggings like this.  You just can’t.

So how DO you wear leggings?  Think of the following elements: quality leggings, over sized tops, layers and boots.  That’s all you really need to remember.  And cover your crotchal region, please.

You may know I can be a fairly frugal shopper, but let me tell you something about leggings.  They are not all created equal (or equally for that matter;)  I’ve tried the leggings from Target and Old Navy and trust me, they are a mistake.  They are too thin and just look cheap and icky.  For a (very) small investment – under 40 bucks –  go out and get yourself the WORLD’S BEST leggings.  I have them in black and charcoal and they are worth every dime.  The thick waist band alone makes them a game changer, but overall they are just really. good. leggings.  Trust me on this one.  Or read the reviews.  Or read other bloggers. Or just buy them.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.20.55 PM
Hue Ultra Wide Waistband Leggings. Available at Nordstrom with free shipping and free returns.

What do I mean by “over sized tops”?  I’m not talking tents and mu-mus. I’m talking long cozy sweaters, long button downs, long t-shirts, long jackets.  I guess I’m talking long.  The top has to be long.  Why?  To cover the nether region, remember?

My favorite look with leggings is a layered look. A long base layer – i.e. t-shirt or button down, under a short layer – maybe a sweater or a blazer. This provides a flattering balance to the look that can be hard to achieve with just one long layer.

leggings1I also think leggings look best with tall boots.  And I love the idea of adding a boot sock poking out too.  Some girls can pull off leggings with flats, but I just never feel like it works for me.  Booties can look great  especially lace up ankle boots (love the look below).  But again, you can’t go wrong with tall riding boots.  What do you think of these looks?


leggingsboots2 leggingsankle

leggingsboots5 leggingsboots7

Thank you to Pinterest for all these pictures…I love all the outfits and think they all really nail the leggings look.  Do you have a favorite?  Let me  know!

xo, Beth


  1. Olise says:

    Amen sister!!!! My favorite is the chambray shirt, white sweater & tan boots then the black with the military jacket…. BUT let’s be real – I’d wear all of them!

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