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4 Easy Tips to #justgetdressed

I’m always telling you to #justgetdressed and today I’m going to share 4 easy tips that can take an outfit from “eh” to “put together” with little to no effort.  .

Notice I don’t tell you to #justgetdressedUP.  This has nothing to do with being fancy or trying too hard.  Many of us have jobs and lives that keep us close to home during the day, and often the only non-relative we may come across is the UPS Man.  But, it  is just as easy to put on sweats or jeans and t-shirt, as it is to put on an outfit that is both comfortable and cute.

Here are 4 easy tips using a basic, everyday outfit that I had on today:



I started out with my favorite AG jeans and Caslon white t-shirt – and my ubiquitous, beloved slippers.  Not very flirty or “put together”, but good basics. It took all of about 5 seconds (I timed it) to create the look on the right following these easy tips:

  1.  I rolled up a cuff in my jeans – instantly makes them look better and more hip.
  2. I gave my t-shirt a casual half tuck – notice how much more flattering and less boxy it makes the shirt look.
  3. I added a “third piece” – in this case a flowy, open front cardigan.  Cardigans are my favorite “third piece” because they add color and a finishing touch, and the vertical line they create up your front is instantly slimming and flattering.
  4.  I accessorized –  I threw on a long pendant necklace (no clasp to mess with), gold hoop earrings, and flats with a subtle pattern.Click on picture to shop, and go #justgetdressed!
    Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.06.11 PM




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