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Don’t freak out. #Justgetdressed and GO out.


Have you ever had plans to go out, but the process of figuring out what the *#!& to wear took all the fun and festivity right out of you?   Sure, lots of women love to “dress up” but there are others to whom it is a sweat-inducing, intimidating chore. This post is for you.

My advice:
Don’t over-think it or try too hard.
Have fun and try new things.


1.  SIMPLIFY:  First, to help you simplify the process, here’s an easy holiday party dressing formula that works every time.  Best of all, it draws from items you should already have in your closet, ready to go, at all times (and if you don’t ..then refer to this).

black flowy or statement top + black pants or skirt + black heels

+ festive, funky necklace

Extra Credit: : Add a “third piece” in a flattering color, especially  if all the black around your face is too harsh. (i.e. jacket, wrap, cardi )

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2.  DON’T OVERTHINK IT;  It’s  easy to get intimidated or to over-think the whole what to wear question.  Stop.  You don’t need an elaborate “outfit”. All you need is a basic foundation of pieces that fit you perfectly, flatter your figure and that you feel great in.   If you don’t have these basics, then each time you go to #justgetdressed you will enter crises mode,   However,  if you do have these basic essentials, you will be the first one at the bar, looking great, and feeling confident and happy.

3.  HAVE FUN (Isn’t that the point anyway?):  Have you ever had one of those nights where what you were wearing got in the way of having a great time?  Either you felt uncomfortable, you felt over or under dressed, or the entire process of getting dressed just sucked all the fun out of you?

Having a plan and some outfit formulas based on your Essentials is a sure-fire way to eliminate these woes and make your next night out fun and flirty;)  And breaking out that funky necklace you fear is “too much” is the perfect way to try something new.  And trust me, it will make the look.  Because the foundation of your outfit is so simple  and sleek, the necklace can truly be a statement.

So, whether it’s tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend, I want you to #justgetdressed, get out there, and have some fun.  And have a drink for me;)



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