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25 Basic Wardrobe Essentials for the College Girl

Teens get a bad rap for wearing nothing but leggings and sweatshirts — and given the college lifestyle and schedule, who can blame them for falling into a comfort-seeking rut.  But you don’t have to let lounge wear (code for pj’s) become your everyday go-to.  Instead, mix things up with other items that are just as easy to throw on, and that are comfortable, cozy and still good looking. Keeping your wardrobe simple, classic and uncluttered will make life in the dorm easier too. Here are my top 25 mix & match staples you need to make it easy to #justgetdressed at college.  Click HERE for shopping suggestions.  And if you’re a mom reading this, click HERE to learn about the B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge coming in early September.  You’re going to LOVE it;)

Now, go #justgetdressed.   Cheers, Beth


Day 5: Faux Leather Jacket

It’s the last day  of the #1outfit5day challenge and I’m topping off the week with my favorite find of the season.  This espresso faux leather jacket looks and feels so expensive and high end but the price tag will shock you – in a good way.  It comes in a zillion colors but I love this dark brown and would also consider the lighter tan color.   It is fully lined and fits true  to size (mine is a small).  It does not look “cheap” at all either – trust me. Click here to grab it on Amazon.   You’re welcome;)


Shopping Links:

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.15.20 PM

Have a great weekend and #justgetdressed.


Day 4: Grey, Tan and Gold

Do you have dressing “habits”?  Do you buy something to “go with” something else and only associate the two things together? It’s time for some flexible thinking when it comes to getting dressed.

For example, do you think of grey as “going with” black and silver?   When you break out of these mind sets, you open yourself (and your wardrobe) to all kinds of new possibilities – like grey with tan and gold.  Not a revolutionary idea,  not original – but still a break from what you may be  used to doing.

You don’t need to buy lots of new “stuff” when you start being creative with what you already have.

This week I met with 3 different clients and shopped their closets.  For each client, we spent 2 hours and created innumerable looks and combinations.  With a few minor exceptions,  they already own everything they need.   It was a matter of    seeing their clothes with new eyes and putting it all together.  We took pictures and uploaded them into their personal on-line “closet”  – making it all the more easy to #justgetdressed.   Best of all, it was very fun and completely painless.  Let me know if you’d like some help too.

Here’s Day 4 of #1outfit5days with shopping links below.  Now, go #justgetdressed.






Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 7.38.32 AM



Day 3: Long Sweater/Wrap

Today I’m headed out t0 meet with a new client and will be spending a lot of time in the car, so I wanted to be comfortable in my #1outfit5days  jeans/t-shirt “uniform”.  These jeans by Wit and Wisdom are as comfortable as yoga pants – I meant it.  They have a ton of stretch, they don’t bind, and the higher waist holds everything in.  I added a long open cardigan (.it is sold out but is available in a black print – see below).  I decided to trade out my signature hoops for some red stone earrings and a simple gold chain necklace.


If you need a new pair of dark wash, stretchy skinny jeans, you should give  these a try…They look and feel like pricey designer jeans, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the price tag!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.28.39 AM

Now go #justgetdressed.


Day 2: Classic Trench and Flats

Day two of the #1outfit5days challenge is looking cloudy with a chance of rain, so today my jeans and white top are getting finished off with a classic trench, leopard flats, gold and black jewelry…and my favorite black and white dog;)


When I took the trench off, the white top stands on it’s own with my gold and black accessories, but I also added a simple camel boyfriend cardigan (mostly to protect the white top from getting dirty — that’s been the biggest challenge of all;)

See you tomorrow for day 3.  #justgetdressed


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.25.19 PM

Day 1: Casual Vest and Accessories

Day One is a sunny, beautiful day and since it’s a holiday (Columbus Day) I went with a casual, sporty-ish look:


It was too warm today for a scarf, but you can see how adding a pop of color transforms the jeans/white and black look.

You can shop this look by clicking HERE:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.58.59 PM

Now go #justgetdressed.


Mother’s Day Gift Picks

Happy Spring!  It feels like it is finally going to be here soon. Maybe?  Hopefully?  Please?

Regardless of the weather, Mother’s Day IS almost here… in 1.5 weeks to be exact.

I put together some winning gift ideas that you can shop from my Keaton Row site.  Thanks for supporting my business by clicking through to Bloomingdales or Shopbop from my Keaton Row lookbooks.   If you’d like some personalized shopping and styling at NO COST to you, just enter a request here and I will create lookbooks targeting your specific needs.  Feel free to enter a request even if you’re just curious or looking for ideas.  There is no obligation or pressure to buy anything…I promise.

Click HERE to see my lookbook with gift ideas for mom.  And why not forward this to your husband and kids and give them some much appreciated (and needed;) direction.

Here is a preview >>

Curious about whether working with a personal stylist/shopper may be for you?  Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consult.  We can talk about your needs and issues regarding “getting dressed” and decide the most suitable services for your  lifestyle and budget.

And don’t forget to join me for free tips and tricks, inspiration and shopping ideas via my blog, facebook page, pinterest and instagram.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Be confident. Be yourself.  B.Styled

21 Day Style Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.50.59 PM Ok girls, it’s time to put some creativity and fun back into getting dressed.  Many of you have completed the 15 Day Closet Cleanse Program so your wardrobe is now edited and organized. (If not, click here to learn how you can get it that way.)

The 21 Day Style Challenge will be fun, free and will inspire us to break out of our winter dressing ruts, try something new and #justgetdressed. #burntheblackleggings  #youcan’twearjeanseveryday.

As part of this challenge, I am going to attempt to become more of an instagram user.  Follow me @b.styled.  I’ve resisted it for a while out of blissful ignorance…but living with tweens and teens means I have three instagram pros at my disposal, so they are going to clue me in.  As you can see, I’m already abusing the whole hashtag thing.

My goal is to follow the daily challenges myself and post pics on instagram  tagged, #justgetdressed.  If you want to join me, you can post  either on the facebook page or on instagram.

And if you don’t want to post pics, feel free to ask questions, post comments about the challenges, etc.   The more interactive this great group of women is the better.  You girls are so fun, witty and insightful, so don’t be shy… We all  learn from each other.

And we all know that everything is more fun with friends, so forward this to your girl tribe and get them going too.

You can sign up to receive the  list of 21 daily style challenges by clicking HERE The PDF will be emailed to you on Thursday night and DAY ONE begins on Friday March 20th – the first day of spring.  #pleasedon’tsnow

I recommend hanging the list  in your closet as a reminder when you #justgetdressed in the morning.   Have a notebook or piece of paper handy too so you can jot down ideas and make lists of items you may be missing.

Ready?  Let’s do this!

Thanks for reading and I’ll “see you” on Friday!

😉 Beth







The B.Styled Closet Cleanse


For many of us, our closets are a source of stress and negative self talk.  I consult with women in their closets every week, helping them with their clothes and wardrobe.   Almost without exception, we women beat ourselves up for having  closets packed with  clothes – much of which doesn’t fit or that we don’t even like let alone  feel good in. This is  not a good way to start the day —  and now is the time for change.   But who has the time (or the desire) to spend an entire day (or weekend) purging and organizing our closet?  Nope?  Me neither.

That’s why I developed the 15 minutes for 15 days Closet Cleanse Program.  I’ve broken this somewhat-miserable job into  daily, step-by-step missions that are relatively easy, painless and extremely rewarding.  Rewarding because it works.  You will see results starting the very first day.  Face it, you can do just about anything for 15 minutes, right?  And if you stay focused and on task during those 15 minutes, you will be shocked by what you can accomplish.  Trust me, I’ve done it, and it works.

To quote a fellow Closet Cleanse Member: For the price of a top you bought once on impulse and never wore again, you can get expert advice, simplify your life, and look (feel!) better every day!” 

And because everything is more fun with friends, there is  also  an optional, private Facebook group for Closet Cleanse Members so we can share ideas, pictures, and ask for advice…i.e., “Is this a Keep or a Toss?”, “How do you store your scarves?”, “Do I really have to get rid of that peach taffeta bridesmaid dress?“, etc., etc.

Sure, you could do this on your own without paying me $14.99.  It’s not rocket science and we are smart women, right?  Yes, but for some reason, this is one job that many of us are at a loss to do.  We procrastinate, we make excuses, we just don’t do it.  Yet how many  tops, sweaters or pairs of pants have you bought at TJMaxx (or wherever) only to see them hanging in your closet unworn?  Who needs the negative self-talk that these impulse purchases cause?  Instead, let’s work with what we already have in our closets…purge, edit and cleanse… and maybe even uncover some hidden gems we never think to wear.

If you’ve been putting this job off till “someday, when I have time“…well, then that someday is NOW.  And you have time, because everyone can find 15 minutes in their day..

Are you ready?  Let’s do this.

Click here for more details and to register. 


Sweater Dress, Boots…and Socks

What are you wearing today girls?  The jeans/sweater/boots look is a favorite uniform of mine but let’s try something different this week.  How about a sweater dress with boots?  As the temps drop the obvious addition is a pair of opaque tights.  But since it’s still October, and maybe you have a glimmer of your summer tan left on you legs, why not go bare-legged?

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.53.42 AM

The boot socks trend  became hot last year and is still going strong.  I  love the look and think a pair like these would work well with a sweater dress and boots (or leggings, or skinny jeans…)  These boot socks are a great deal today, so if you’re interested, don’t delay!

bootsock  Now, go get dressed;)