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The Power of The Fitted Jacket

I always include a fitted blazer or jacket whenever I talk about closet staples and must-haves.

But, I can hear some of you ladies out there saying, “Nope, don’t need it.”   Maybe you don’t work in a profession with a business dress code.  Maybe you work from home.  Maybe you’re home with kids.  Or, maybe you’re retired and don’t see the need.

Let’s rethink it though, ok?   Blazers are no longer stuffy and stiff and only for business meetings.  Trust me here… a jacket is a must-have layer that IMMEDIATELY makes any outfit look more sharp and polished.  If you want to  bring your look up a notch, a blazer is a great place to start.  And, as the pictures below show, a fitted jacket can elevate denim to a new level and look fun and flirty – definitely not stuffy or staid.

The key is (surprise) the right jacket for your figure and your lifestyle.  If you still have “work jackets” from the 90’s hanging in your closet (think shoulder pads and masculine, boxy cuts in colors like “hunter green”),  that’s NOT what I’m talking about.  Those need to be put in  a bag and donated, because someone who doesn’t read my blog may just love them.  😉

Seriously though, the perfect blazer is going to be fitted and tailored.  You can’t go wrong with a neutral color like black – or navy, tan, grey or denim.  The more neutral, the more—you got it–versatile, it will be.

I also love a statement blazer in a favorite and fabulous color, or something with texture or cool zippers.  But before you invest in something like that,  make sure you have the perfect, fitted, neutral blazer in your arsenal.

And, remember to WEAR it…even if you’re just running around doing errands.  You’ll look amazing.   I mean seriously, check out Gwyneth below, tooling around town in a blazer, white button down and jeans…drinking an odd-looking green juice thing.  So cool. And you could totally pull off that look, even in the ‘burbs.  And even without the green juice thing. Just button one or two more buttons…

Need some more inspiration on how to wear a jacket and look positively chic and fabulous.?  C.heck out these pictures of jackets styled in various ways.  Nothing stuffy or serious about these fabulous looks, huh? Which is your favorite? (You can click on the picture to see a bigger version).

Now, go grab a fitted jacket and #justgetdressed.  

Cheers!  ~Beth

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Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!







It’s 10am…Are you dressed yet?


We had so much fun and so many new members  join us last week, that I’ve decided to continue the #justgetdressed Challenge for 2 more weeks:  November 3-16.

The focus is simple, yet often  difficult: #justgetdressed.  Yes…get dressed, every day for 2 weeks…by 10am if possible.  If your job requires you to get up and get out of the house, then in some ways this is a no-brainer.  But maybe you can challenge yourself to break out of your dressing routines, wearing the same combinations week in and week out?  If you work from home like I do, the challenge is more obvious.  It can be easy (…and tempting, and habit-forming) to spend the day in front of the computer wearing “comfort clothes” — yoga pants, sweat pants or even pj’s.  Who’s going to notice or care?   Your kids?  The parents in the drop-off line?  Probably not.  But humor me for two weeks, and notice how much better you look, feel and even act, if you actually GET DRESSED, even if you’re staying home all day.

Make a commitment for two weeks, but don’t stress about it.  I’m not talking about heels and sequins, or wearing elaborate outfits.    In fact, I’m going to work in at least one  “comfort clothes” day — but you’ll still look put together…and dressed.  There are no “rules”, no “have to’s” and no pressure.  Just some ideas and inspiration to help you shop your closet, get out of your ruts and put a bit more thought and creativity into the daily “what to wear” conundrum.

So, check here every day for the next 2 weeks for your daily challenge and outfit inspiration.   If you haven’t already, you can join us on Facebook by clicking here and joining the free challenge.

Will “getting dressed” change your life, solve your problems or get the laundry done?  No.  But I can bet it will change the way you feel and how you approach your day.  What do you have to lose ?  Let’s give it a go!



Fall Transitional Outfit Inspiration

Plaid Shirt + Flare Jeans + Ankle Booties

It’s that in-between time of year when you may be tired of your shorts and white jeans but it’s still too warm for boots and sweaters. Pair a lightweight plaid button down with some flare jeans and peep toe booties for an easy and chic fall transition outfit:


Top: (similar)  Target | Jeans (similar) Paige Transcend (on sale) | Peep Toe Booties (same) Toms

Join the B.Styled Fall 2016 Challenge!

Take the struggle and aggravation out of getting dressed this Fall. Feel confident and put together and see what an impact it has on your productivity, relationships and entire life.


Fall is the perfect time to start focusing on you. For less than the cost of a sweater or blouse you probably don’t even need, you can access a personal stylist and get your wardrobe in order.

Have a great weekend, and #justgetdressed 😉


One Outfit, Five Days

Do you think you could wear the same “outfit” every day, Monday through Friday?

I’ve done it – jeans and a white top – 5 days straight, and no one even noticed.  . And it was easy.  The hard part was keeping the white top clean and getting the pictures taken.

Jeans and a white (or other plain, neutral top) is the perfect foundation for just about any look.  If your work or lifestyle negates wearing jeans, you could replace black slacks, ankle pants or a pencil skirt and have the same result.

The secret is the third piece that makes an outfit special.  It can be a jacket, a cardigan, a vest, a scarf, a statement necklace, a wrap, a poncho…. The third piece is the game changer.  .

Here is a recap of my looks.  Click here for all the shopping links.

Day 1: Sporty Vest and Accessories


Day 2:  Classic Trench and Leopard Flats


Day 3: Long Cardigan


Day 4:  Grey V-neck Sweater and Tan Boots


Day 5:  Faux Leather Jacket


Do you think you could do it?  Maybe this should be our next 5 day challenge!  Join my free private Facebook group where I run occasional challenges like this one.

B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge

The B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge will help you focus on the essentials and show you how to create amazing looks with less clothing. Enrollment is now open….there’s a special bonus for early registrants! Click HERE for details.


Thanks for reading now, go #justgetdressed.  😉


B.Styled Live Happy Hour!


happyhourHappy Friday!  Hope everyone enjoys this last official weekend of summer.  To kick it off, I’ve decided to be brave and go back on Facebook live.

Today at 5pm EST my dear friend and first official client of B.Styled, will be joining me Live on Facebook.

We’ll be talking about her style transformation over the years and the impact #justgettingdressed has had on her life.

We’ll be live, it will be Happy Hour, (yes, there will be wine) and completely off the cuff, so who knows where the conversation will go!

You can join us by going to Facebook and my biz page, B.Styled Personal Styling today at 5pm.  Make sure you click on “get notifications” during the broadcast so you can be notified of future “episodes”.   Feel free to enter questions and comments (be kind – we’re amateurs;) in the comments section under the video.

Of course if you have your own happy hour to attend and can’t be on-line with us,, the video will stay on my page so you can check it out later. That is, unless it’s a total disaster and I delete it – in which case, your loss. 😉

And don’t forget, registration for my B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge opens this Wednesday, September 7th so keep an eye for an email with sign up info.   Click here to make sure you are on the list.

Have a great weekend, and hope to “see you” today at 5pm..BYOW 😉


You Clothing Budget: When to Spend, When to Save

Usually when we struggle with our wardrobe, it’s not because of a lack of clothing. In fact, many of us have way too much stuff cluttering our closets, and the sheer volume of random clothing makes it difficult to focus and #justgetdressed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.54.25 AM

We’re constantly bombarded with images, special sales and can’t-pass-up deals that make it easy to acquire more and more stuff.

Heck, I go to Target to buy light bulbs and end up with a cart filled with everything from bananas to new pajamas.
Instead, what we need to do is shop with a plan,  a purpose…and a well-defined list (hint: this is just one of the features included in the  B.Styled Challenge).

We also need to allocate our clothing budget in a way that makes sense. To help, I created this graphic showing where to spend your money, and where to save.  And see below for the live video I made on the topic:



    • Jeans: Cheap denim is tempting I know, but it also loses its shape and fades much more quickly than premium brands. I think everyone should own at least one pair of high quality, perfectly fitting jeans. When you find a brand you love, keep a look out for sales. I’ve even bought my favorite Paige jeans on eBay!
    • Underwear (especially bras): Don’t skimp on the foundation. Invest in perfectly fitting bras and get undies that show no VPL’s (visible panty lines). While only a few people will see them, their effects are obvious. 😉  Click HERE to learn how you can get fitted for the perfect bra virtually, without even leaving home. I’ve tried it and am totally sold!
    • Jackets/Blazers: Don’t underestimate the power of a fitted blazer. It can complete a work outfit and gives shape to your casual looks, providing a polished finishing touch.
      • Shoes: Fabulous shoes can transform and upgrade a $20 dress.  On the flip side, cheap shoes can instantly downgrade an otherwise fabulous outfit. Shoes (and handbags) are an area where quality over quality rules (my apologies to you shoe collectors out there;)


    • Coat: Your coat is something you may wear every single day and it makes a statement as you enter and exit. Invest in a coat you love that has classic staying power so you can resurrect it year after year.


    • Statement Jewelry: If you know me, you know I love a funky necklace. Take your wardrobe foundations and transform them completely with the  jewelry you add. The options for fabulous, inexpensive jewelry are endless. The key is to find pieces that are inexpensive without looking “cheap”.


    • Occasion Items: Special Occasion = Infrequent Use. Don’t spend a fortune on glitzy bags, earrings or metallic heels when there are plenty of inexpensive options out there. Instead invest in a fabulous dress that’ll be ready for you when the invitation arrives.


      • Tee, Tanks & Knits: Premium knits made from fine, soft fibers often get holes and stains (think armpit) quicker than their bargain alternatives. It’s a good idea to have a couple of quality cashmere sweaters, but for tees and layering pieces, make sure they fit and flatter — but go for the bargains.


    • Scarves: When you see a scarf that speaks to you and it’s a good deal, grab it. Like statement jewelry, scarves are a fantastic and affordable way to add color and pattern to your wardrobe essentials….and display your individual personality.

In a nutshell:

  SPEND: Frequent Use • Durable • Classic  • Essentials • Signature Items

   SAVE: Delicate • Low Use • Trendy •  Accent Pieces

B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge

The B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge will help you focus on the essentials and show you how to create amazing looks with less clothing. Enrollment is now open….there’s a special bonus for early registrants! Click HERE for details.


Sign up early….There’s a special bonus for early registrants!

Now, go #justgetdressed 😉


Jeans & Shoes Pairing Guide

 “What shoes do I wear with that?”  is probably one of my most asked questions. As we enter jeans-wearing season, I wanted to help answer this question as it relates to different styles of jeans. So below is a handy dandy visual to help guide you.

And speaking of jeans and shoes and your fall wardrobe….The B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge is launching in just a few short weeks (Sept. 7th).

Here’s how it works:   Before the challenge begins, you’ll receive a list of classic and trending essentials to purchase, with links to where you can find them at both high-end and discount stores. The idea is to first “shop your closet” before buying new.  After you have your pieces, the challenge begins. I will send you a daily email throughout the challenge suggesting wardrobe combinations using the pieces on your shopping list. Or you can  get all the outfit combinations at one time and skip the emails.  You’ll also be able to swap shopping tips and gather advice in a private Facebook group during the challenge. By the end of the challenge, you’ll have 21 outfit ideas and lots of inspiration and ideas so getting dressed will be easier everyday.

Click HERE to make sure you are in the know when the challenge launches.  There will be a bonus for signing up early and jewelry give-aways throughout so I hope you’ll join us!

Any questions?  Drop me a note below.  Now go #justgetdressed and have a great weekend!


Jeans & Shoes

Pattern Mixing for Beginners

Today is Day 8 of the 10 Day #justgetdressed Challenge

challenge stretch_color

This is a repost of a blog I wrote back in March 2015:

Pattern Mixing. Do a search on Pinterest and you will see it everywhere, and somehow these bloggers and fashionistas make it look so fabulous and effortless.    I’m drawn to mixed patterns when I see them, but when it comes time to pulling it off in my closet, I confess, I’m a bit of a novice.

Lately I’ve attempted to incorporate more pattern mixing into my look, but my closet is a sea of solids so it can be a challenge.  Not to mention the fact that  I was brought up by a (gorgeous and stylish) mom who never, ever, in her wildest dreams, would pair stripes with plaid.  But, I’m all for adventure and trying new things, so let’s start with baby steps and some easy rules of thumb.

1.  Keep it in the family. As in color family. Different patterns within the same color family is an easy start for us mixing rookies. It’s not quite so in your face, but still a statement and look how fabulous her pairing of navy and white stripes and dots looks:

image: Cape Code Collegiate
image: Cape Code Collegiate










2.  Faux Solids.  Sometimes small prints act as if they’re the solid.  It’s a slight identity crisis because they’re very much a print, but they can totally stand in as a neutral solid.   A tight geometric print or pin stripe, a small consistent polka dot, a leopard print, even camo.  Let them act as your solid.

stripes_plaid polkaplaidstripesleopard






3.  Opposites attract.  This is pattern mixing 101. Pair together a floral and a stripe, a plaid and a polka dot, floral and geometric, animal print and polka dot, a big print with a tiny print…  Your options are really only limited by your imagination.  The key is to remember to keep a your  colors consistent, and remember proportions.  Pair a tight stripe with a larger floral, a wide stripe with a tighter floral.  Make sense?

geo_floral largepattern prints1







I hope this helps demystify the pattern matching challenge and inspires you to try something new.  Experiment, have fun, and…#justgetdressed.




“Cancel Cancel”

Years ago, my husband Bill went to a corporate sales/ motivational /psychology session.  I remember he came home rolling his eyes a bit about the entire experience  (he’s not exactly the most open to pop psychology;)  But he did relay something to me that he learned  and it totally stuck with me and we use it on each other all the time now.

When you catch yourself engaging in “self bashing”, either in your head or out loud, instead say – out loud – “cancel cancel”. To this day, if I put myself down or say something like ‘I’m such a disaster” (i.e. when I can’t find my keys or think I’ve lost my phone despite the fact that I’m talking on it) he says “cancel cancel.”

So how does this little story relate to you, to personal style and to what I do in my business?  Hang in there with me, because it totally does.  Every day I speak to women – be they clients or friends, and I constantly hear  things like:

I hate my thighs.  I hate my arms.  I hate my butt.  I hate my tummy rolls. My boobs are too big (huh? really?)  I hate my wrinkles.

You get the idea.  And chances are you do the same thing; we all do.  But I want our little world of women to try our best to replace those negative self thoughts with positive ones.  And at the very least, when the negative thoughts creep in, instead say “cancel cancel”.   Try it, and use it on your friends and family as well.  It’s a great lesson to teach our kids too.

We are half way through my B.Styled 10 Day #justgetdressed Challenge.  Saturday 6/18 is Day 6 and the challenge is:


Find something about your body that you love and embrace it and highlight it.  It could be your shoulders, your strong legs, you beautiful eyes or gorgeous hair.  Heck, it could be a great pedicure or manicure that you show off with sandals or a statement ring.  Find something positive and run with it!

And the next time the words….I hate my ______ come out of your mouth, immediately replace them with “cancel cancel.”

And click here to join the challenge and the amazing party we are having on the private Facebook group.  If you’re curious what the other challenges have been so far, scroll through them below  maybe try them yourself!

Now, go have a great weekend and #justgetdressed.

Cheers!  Beth

Your Weekend Dressing Dilema Solved

It’s June, it’s the weekend, and chances are you have somewhere to go.  Don’t sweat your outfit — keep it simple and chic with black and white.  I love this off-the-shoulder top; it’s on-trend without being too youthful or “too much”.  Pull your hair back and wear modern, minimalist jewelry like skinny hoop earrings, stacked bangles and a cool, contemporary ring.

Look at you…you’re dressed!

Have a great weekend;)

Cheers, Beth

Friday Night Out