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Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale – My Picks

If you’re a Nordstrom devotee like I am, you know they don’t throw the word “sale” around lightly.

Their sales are planned and anticipated – with the Mother of All Sales being the Anniversary Sale #NSale happening each  summer  (July 21- August 6).  This sale has become legendary among Nordstrom customers because rather than using it to “get rid of” seasonal items, this sale marks down exciting NEW fall merchandise, in addition to lots of summer stuff.

I’m not one to get store credit cards, but I do have a Nordstrom card.   It’s a debit card  too- which keeps me somewhat under control;)     In addition to accumulating “Nordstrom Notes”  (free money based on your purchases), cardholders get early access to the Anniversary Sale.  This is a huge benefit, because when they put that  pair of boots everyone wants on sale at 30% off, they sell out quickly –  so early access is key.

Nordstrom also has two smaller annual sales which are more like traditional seasonal sales.  The Spring Half Yearly Sale is going on NOW through June 4th.

With 40% discounts, popular items and sizes go fast, so check it out now.  Click here for my personal picks for women  (and teens) and and a few for men too.  

TIP:  It’s helpful to keep my Catalog open in one window, and just toggle back and forth between it and the Nordstrom site.

Here’s just a sampling of my picks…


One last thing….It’s not too late to join my on-line personal styling program, the B.Styled Summer Style System. As a bonus I’m including my Closet Cleanse Program AND the shopping list and outfit formulas from the Spring Style System for free.  The Spring and Summer Systems were designed to work together, creating an entire, classic warm-weather wardrobe.  

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Now go #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth


My Favorite GREEN Picks!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!  Today we are all little Irish and I wanted to share my favorite green picks.  Green is a fun color to add to your wardrobe whether it be in a top or an accessory…Here are some ideas….Click HERE to shop the links!

Looking at these items makes me want it all…and I never thought I was a “green” person.  What a fabulous color to add to your looks this SPRING!

Speaking of SPRING…How’s your wardrobe looking?  Does it need some help?  We are having a ball over in the Spring Style System group.  I think everyone in the program would attest that its value is FAR greater than the cost.  You’ll  have easy access to my personal styling without haven’t to leave home, and build a fabulous, functional wardrobe, starting with what you already own.

Click Here to learn more and sign up! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and have a great weekend!



25 Basic Wardrobe Essentials for the College Girl

Teens get a bad rap for wearing nothing but leggings and sweatshirts — and given the college lifestyle and schedule, who can blame them for falling into a comfort-seeking rut.  But you don’t have to let lounge wear (code for pj’s) become your everyday go-to.  Instead, mix things up with other items that are just as easy to throw on, and that are comfortable, cozy and still good looking. Keeping your wardrobe simple, classic and uncluttered will make life in the dorm easier too. Here are my top 25 mix & match staples you need to make it easy to #justgetdressed at college.  Click HERE for shopping suggestions.  And if you’re a mom reading this, click HERE to learn about the B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge coming in early September.  You’re going to LOVE it;)

Now, go #justgetdressed.   Cheers, Beth


Summer Party Dresses


What  are you wearing this weekend to the backyard bbq or pool party? Pants can be too hot, and shorts may feel too….short, but a chic maxi dress may be just right.

Add a simple wedge sandal or flips flops. A long necklace creates a visually slimming vertical line and is easy to throw on when it’s hot out.  So simple, but a great finishing touch.

Click on the picture below more info and shopping tips.

Many of these maxi’s will transition to fall with the addition of a cardi, jean jacket or blazer. Bonus!

Speaking of the “f word”…..In my house any talk of  summer ending or back to school is strictly banned. But, let’s face it, fall really is the best time of year for clothes.  As you think about your fall wardrobe, stay tuned for info about the new B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge.  Let me be your on-line stylist and help you shop with a purpose and a plan – and provide you with  easy, ready-made, casually elegant outfits, so you never again struggle to #justgetdressed.  Click below so you’ll hear all about it when it launches in early September.
Click Here for B.Styled Challenge News

Have a great weekend!

Now go #justgetdresssed.


My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

You’ll be happy to know that last night I stayed up till 2am fueled by a  combination of coffee, malbec and swedish fish – just for you.  It was a labor of love to shop the famous Nordstrom Annual Sale so I can bring  you my top picks and hopefully save you some time and money. I’ve included boots, shoes,  clothing, accessories, jackets/coats and even some picks for the men in you life.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.36.30 PMI’ve trained myself not to get all in a tizzy over traditional sales because I find we often fall into the trap of buying a bunch of stuff we don’t need, just because it’s “on sale”.  Well my dear friends, this is different.  Totally different.  This is the only sale I know of that significantly discounts new styles that are just now hitting the stores  for the season (fall/winter).  When the sale ends in August, the prices go back to normal.  And let’s face it.  Nordstrom knows what they;re doing, and they do it well.  The  quality, selection  and service really can’t be beat.  My approach is shop them on-line (with wine and candy)  for the best selection –  and their free shipping, free returns (on every single order) makes t oh so easy.

Right now Nordstrom is offering cardholders Early Access to the sale.  Early Access really matters since many items sell out quickly especially in popular sizes.  If you don’t have a card, you can go to their site and sign up HERE.   Mine is a debit card, so I’m not tempted to run up any credit card debt.  And they give you points for purchases which is like free money that pops into your account and magically appear the next time you shop.

One last piece of advice.  Keep your wits about you as shop.  Shop with a plan and a purpose and focus your budget dollars on timeless essentials and wardrobe workhorses.

***To help you with this, I’ve been spending the summer developing an exciting new program that I’ll be launching around Labor Day. This promises to transform the way you look at your wardrobe and will truly help you #justgetdressed this fall.

If you’ve ever been curious about Stitch-Fix type subscription programs, you’re going to want to check out the alternative I have for you. (Hint: it will be a more affordable and much smarter way of developing your fall wardrobe.) There will be a community component too so we can share our ideas, questions and deals with one another in a fun, supportive environment. .

Make sure you’re on my mailing list so you don’t miss out.  Click HERE to join and get my free tip sheet: “4 Steps to Help you #justgetdressed (even when you don’t want to).”

So with no, further ado., click HERE to see a complete catalog of my picks.  Note that this catalog will be updated and added to throughout the sale, so bookmark the page and check back often! There is a spot under each item to post comments or questions about the item, so feel free to do that and I will respond.

Now, go #justgetdressed.