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3 Steps to Get Dressed in 5 Minutes (or less)

You’re standing in your closet,  staring at the jumbled mass of clothing called your wardrobe.

Running late, you grab the same old pants and top, throw them on,  and leave the house feeling less than inspired about you how you look.

Yes, technically you’re “dressed,” but words like confident, pulled together, and stylish do NOT come to mind when you think about how you’re dressed.

Let’s face it,…not the ideal way to start your day, is it?

What if you could spend 5 MINUTES in your closet,  #justgetdressed,  and walk out into your day looking and feeling your best.  Then  you can STOP thinking about what you’re wearing, and  instead focus on the important things in your life.

Maybe you’ll be more productive?  Be in  a better mood?  Show up with more confidence?

My goal at B.Styled is to help you build a great wardrobe that expresses YOUR style and supports YOUR life.  And when you #justgetdressed, it has a positive ripple effect on other areas of your life.

See the video below for 3 Steps to take to help you get dressed looking and feeling your personal best — in less than 5 minutes:

Click here to learn about my NEW Fall 2017 Style System Program!   I’d love to have you join me in The Dressing Room.

Thanks for reading/watching!

Now, go #justgetdressed. 😉



28 Day Shopping Detox

If there’s anything you’ve been dying to go out and buy or order on-line, you have about 7 hours to get it done, because Midnight on February 1 marks the start of my 28 Day Shopping Detox.

Yes, you heard me….. No buying any** clothing or accessories all month (notice I did pick the shortest month of the year.)  Instead, we’re going to:

B.Styled Winter Essentials Challenge!


The holidays are busy with lots of demands on our time.   But this year,  I want you to have less stress and more fun – and feel good about yourself.

While I can’t do your baking or decorating, or write your cards,  I CAN  eliminate the common stressor called…..


The 2016 B.Styled Winter Essentials Challenge l will give you a list and plan with 21+ done-for-you outfits that address every occasion you could possibly have this season.

CLICK HERE for all the details and to get started!  

Let’s start Winter and the Holiday Season with a list and a plan that will help us look and feel our absolute BEST this year.  No more putting yourself at the bottom of the To-Do List.  Take care of yourself, and everyone around you will benefit, I promise!

Let’s do this, and #justgetdressed.  😉

Click HERE for to sign up!

Any questions, click HERE and ask away!

xo, Beth

“I feel like with the B.Styled Challenges, I truly have access to a personal stylist in you – (for less than the cost of another shirt I don’t need;)   You are so available and helpful (and fun) on the Facebook page, as are the other women.  It has become my favorite on-line destination!”  


B.FIXED by B.Styled – Thanksgiving Outfits


Have you ever tried Stitch Fix?    It seems like a great company that does some neat  things.  Today  today I’m introducing my (free;) alternative:  B. FIXED by B.Styled.


Some of the downsides I hear about Stitch Fix are:

  1.  The products are expensive.
  2. The pricing and discount structure encourages you to keep things you don’t need or love just to get the “discount”.
  3. Many people end up returning most or all of their “Fixes” or keep a bunch of ‘stuff’ that doesn’t really make sense for their wardrobe.If you know me and my philosophy, you know these issues are deal breakers when trying to build a functional and fabulous wardrobe that makes sense. My goal is to help you do just that, working within your budget and lifestyle.

    Your Thanksgiving FIX:

    Whether your Thanksgiving celebration is Dressy, Casual or Cozy – here are four outfit ideas.  No need to run/click  to the stores to shop (unless you really want to)!   Instead, head to your closet and see if you have these or similar ESSENTIALS and have some fun putting together your perfect Thanksgiving look.  Have questions or want advice?  Join us in the free #justgetdressed private Facebook group and ask away!

    Click HERE to access this B.FIXED by B.Styled Shopping Catalog.

































I’ve also created the  B.Styled Capsule Wardrobe Challenges to provide affordable and fun access to personal styling for anyone wanting help with their wardrobe.

The B.Styled Winter Essentials Challenge is in the works, rolling out in time for the holidays.

The beauty of this new challenge is that it uses some of the key pieces from the Fall Essentials Challenge, so it truly MAKES SENSE.  If you didn’t do the Fall Challenge, that’s fine too.  You’ll have access to the Fall Essentials Catalog, and all of the items are optional, and the looks can be created with our without them.

Here are some other benefits of a B.Styled Capsule Challenge:

  1. You get a list, a plan, and 21 done-for-you outfits so you know exactly HOW to style the items.  This capsule’s outfits are categorized into  four types of LOOKS:  Casual Chic, Comfy Chic, Business Chic and Dressy Chic.
  2. You shop your closet first, ideally finding many of the items in the capsule already hanging there.  See the clothing you already own in  a new light!
  3. You decide where to shop, what to buy and how much to spend, all while getting suggestions and links in various price points.
  4. A color palette is included but you pick the colors and cuts and that you like and that make the most sense for you.
  5. You get access to personal styling support through the included private Facebook group.  Many would say that this is the most valuable part of the entire challenge.  The support, encouragement and access to tips and ideas is invaluable!

    CLICK HERE to make sure you’re in the know as soon as the B.Styled Winter Challenge launches.

Now, go #justgetdressed;)

xo, Beth

It’s 10am…Are you dressed yet?


We had so much fun and so many new members  join us last week, that I’ve decided to continue the #justgetdressed Challenge for 2 more weeks:  November 3-16.

The focus is simple, yet often  difficult: #justgetdressed.  Yes…get dressed, every day for 2 weeks…by 10am if possible.  If your job requires you to get up and get out of the house, then in some ways this is a no-brainer.  But maybe you can challenge yourself to break out of your dressing routines, wearing the same combinations week in and week out?  If you work from home like I do, the challenge is more obvious.  It can be easy (…and tempting, and habit-forming) to spend the day in front of the computer wearing “comfort clothes” — yoga pants, sweat pants or even pj’s.  Who’s going to notice or care?   Your kids?  The parents in the drop-off line?  Probably not.  But humor me for two weeks, and notice how much better you look, feel and even act, if you actually GET DRESSED, even if you’re staying home all day.

Make a commitment for two weeks, but don’t stress about it.  I’m not talking about heels and sequins, or wearing elaborate outfits.    In fact, I’m going to work in at least one  “comfort clothes” day — but you’ll still look put together…and dressed.  There are no “rules”, no “have to’s” and no pressure.  Just some ideas and inspiration to help you shop your closet, get out of your ruts and put a bit more thought and creativity into the daily “what to wear” conundrum.

So, check here every day for the next 2 weeks for your daily challenge and outfit inspiration.   If you haven’t already, you can join us on Facebook by clicking here and joining the free challenge.

Will “getting dressed” change your life, solve your problems or get the laundry done?  No.  But I can bet it will change the way you feel and how you approach your day.  What do you have to lose ?  Let’s give it a go!



Men’s Capsule Wardrobe for Him, and a Free Fall Challenge for You!

We all have those days when it’s a welcome luxury to not #justgetdressed.  Sweats, jammies, comfort clothes….there are definitely days when they just fit the bill.

Even if you do get dressed for work every day, it can be easy to fall into a rut, wearing the same old same old.   And if you work from home or don’t have  to get dressed in “real clothes”, it’s really easy to spiral into a rut of opting out.

Join me on Monday 10/24 as we commit to getting dressed every day for the rest of the month.  Each evening at 7pm I’ll send out a prompt to help inspire you.   Nothing difficult or complicated, just something to give you ideas or  prompt you to try something different.  Not fancy, not over-done, just dressed in something that makes you feel good.  Oh, and no shopping required either.  Use what’s already hanging in your closet.

Click here to sign up for this free challenge, and head over to Facebook and join the  private group (B.Styled #justgetdressed Challenge) where I’ll  also be posting the daily challenge, answering questions and giving advice.

Check out this week’s B.Styled Live Happy Hour video here for info, plus something new for the GUY in your life.

GUYS…It’s time to up your game.  Get a list, a plan, and 14 done-for-you outfits so you’ll look put together and feel comfortable – with no aggravation.



You don’t need to spend a fortune, and you don’t need a lot of clothes. You just need the right pieces and a plan.


Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend, and go #justgetdressed 😉



Personalized Style Advice

If you’re on the fence about joining the B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge, I want share some of the experiences and feedback I’ve had so far.

My #1 goal is to provide over-the-top service to each and every member.

That means that when you have a specific question during the challenge, you can email me or post it on the Facebook group and I will personally respond with tailored-for-you advice.

For example:

  •  I’ve helped people find shoe substitutes to suit their foot “issues”.
  • I’ve given detailed advice about dressing particular body shapes.
  • I’ve searched for substitute items that are a better color or style for particular a person/people.

And here’s just a few comments from members in our private Facebook group:

“This challenge is perfect as I’m shocked at the number of unworn, unusable items in my closet cleanse. What a waste of $$!!  It’s so much better to have a “plan” when shopping instead of randomly grabbing things you think you have to have.  This challenge keeps me focused and I spend less!  

I was looking into StitchFix which led me to you. And I’m so happy it did. After starting your Closet Cleanse I am discovering that I already have a lot of the pieces for the challenge already! Thank you so much for saying “shop your closet first”. My purchases for this challenge will be few.

Beth, I just have to say that I’m enjoying this challenge and it hasn’t even started yet! I want to thank you (and all the ladies in this group) for showing me how to re-think the clothes I have into different outfits rather than same ole, same ole outfits. And also to see color pairings that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought to put together. I’m also starting to step outside my comfort zone. Thanks again!

I LOVE the Essentials Catalog that you offer. It’s so helpful to see everything in one place!  I love how you provide options for different shapes, sizes and budgets.  This is a totally new and unique way of shopping that is easy and efficient.  


You can check out the B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge now at no-risk at all!  Sign up now  and if you decide it’s not for you, the money-back guarantee is good through September 21st, no questions asked.

Sign up now and get your complete shopping list and access to the first 7 outfits right away. Plus you’ll get my bonus Closet Cleanse program for FREE if sign up by midnight September 21st.   All 21 outfits will be released on September 22nd, and you have the entire season to enjoy your fabulous wardrobe.   Let’s get your clothes working for you this fall!

Sign up HERE.

Now, go #justgetdressed;)



Fall Essentials Challenge – Online Styling and Capsule Wardrobe


Fall Essentials Challenge

No matter where you live or what you do, you need to get dressed every day. My new online styling program will take the guesswork out so you can look and feel your best.

Program Highlights

    • 32 piece capsule wardrobe with clickable links. Shop your closet first and then buy only what you need. You choose where to shop and what to spend.


    • 21 made-for-you, head-to-toe outfits (3 weeks worth) that you can make your own with dress it up/dress it down options for casual, business and going out.


    • Suggested items for petites, plus size, budget shoppers and different climates.


    • Optional private Facebook group for sharing tips and pics, asking questions, getting advice and support. Not on Facebook? Not a problem! I’m here via email to help too.


  • BONUS – Free Closet Cleanse Program for early registrants.  Click HERE to learn all about the Closet Cleanse Program (a $14.99 value, included free).>>>SIGN UP NOW

    Take the struggle and aggravation out of getting dressed. Feel confident and put together and see what an impact it has on your productivity, relationships and entire life.

B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge

Fall is the perfect time to start focusing on you. For less than the cost of a sweater or blouse you probably don’t even need, you can access a personal stylist and get your wardrobe in order.


Any questions?  Shoot me an email at beth@bstyledblog.com.

xo, Beth

Fall Essentials Challenge

Online personal style program and capsule wardrobe

What a week! Got the kids back to school (they’re thrilled – not),  hosted my first B.Styled Happy Hour LIVE on Facebook, and today I launch my first online personal style program and capsule wardrobe.  I’m so excited to finally share all the details with you.

First some background…

Since starting B.Styled three years ago, I’ve  been  advising women on how to #justgetdressed… simplifying the process and making it less of a struggle, so their time can be spent  on the important things.   Most importantly, I aim to make getting dressed something that boosts confidence and self-image — while having fun doing it!

The foundation for my approach is a less is more philosophy, and capsule wardrobes really demonstrate that idea well.   I also believe it helps to have a  plan –  and a capsule wardrobe does just that.  They give us a starting point – like a road map – to navigate and create a wardrobe that works.

This is why I’ve chosen to offer you an online style program that has a capsule wardrobe at its core starting point.

I’ve teamed up with Alison Lumbatis, who owns and runs the Style Challenge platform, to bring you this Fall Essentials  online style program.

The B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge centers  around a 32-piece fall wardrobe. I’ve hand-picked these 32 pieces, featuring brands and labels I know and love.  From the 32 pieces, I’ve created 21 different looks – three weeks of outfits.

This is where you really get to see how a capsule can work for you…saving you time, money and lots of aggravation.

I realize that what works for me, may not work for you, so with every featured clothing piece I’ve included links to several alternative options that might better suit you.

You’ll find an option for petite, plus-size and budget shopping.  I also include a “try the trend” option for the classic pieces on the list, in case you already have the classics and want to expand your options a bit.

And of course it’s not required that you  buy any of the suggested pieces. I’m all about editing and shopping your closet first. The proposed capsule and daily outfit suggestions will help give you a starting point for finding similar pieces that may already be hanging in your closet.

With each suggested daily outfit combination, you’ll also find style tips as well as dress-it-up/dress-it-down alternatives for making each outfit work for casual, the office or an evening out.  There’s even a separate clickable “catalog” with shopping ideas for dressing up & down the looks.

And here’s the big bonus.  if you sign up for this online style program, you can also opt in to get my personal style support in our dedicated, private Facebook group.

I’ll be hands on in this group, offering specific advice to your styling needs, .including live videos for this group’s eyes only.

But wait, there’s more 😉  If you sign up early, you’ll also get FREE access to my popular Closet Cleanse Program…so you can start the Challenge with an edited and organized closet.


Shoot me an email at beth@bstyledblog.com  if you have any questions.  I’m looking forward to having you on join me!


5 Day Necklace Challenge

5daynecklaceThe first  B.Styled Facebook Live Happy Hour was on Friday, and boy was it fun.  Sarah and I had a great time talking about style, drinking wine and sharing tips.  Check it out below (and yes it’s long…we just couldn’t stop…so use your little fast forward button;)

At one point during the video (around 10:40) we talk about wearing necklaces and how powerful they can be in making you feel confident and put together.   So, for the next 5 days, starting Monday September 5th, I’m challenging you to wear a necklace every day for 5 days.

You can click HERE to join our free private Facebook group where we post pics and share tips and ideas in a private, supportive environment.  Or you can search Facebook:  “B.Styled #justgetdressed Challenge” group and request to be added.

Finally, I’ve been talking about the B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge and it launches this  Wednesday September 7th, and if you go to the Facebook Live Happy Hour Video to around the 40 minute mark, you can hear me describe it (this is at the end, after some wine, so bear with me;)

Now go get your necklaces out front and center in your closet,  and join me in throwing one on every day Monday- Friday this week.  Ok?   #justgetdressed.