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B.Styled Winter Essentials Challenge!


The holidays are busy with lots of demands on our time.   But this year,  I want you to have less stress and more fun – and feel good about yourself.

While I can’t do your baking or decorating, or write your cards,  I CAN  eliminate the common stressor called…..


The 2016 B.Styled Winter Essentials Challenge l will give you a list and plan with 21+ done-for-you outfits that address every occasion you could possibly have this season.

CLICK HERE for all the details and to get started!  

Let’s start Winter and the Holiday Season with a list and a plan that will help us look and feel our absolute BEST this year.  No more putting yourself at the bottom of the To-Do List.  Take care of yourself, and everyone around you will benefit, I promise!

Let’s do this, and #justgetdressed.  😉

Click HERE for to sign up!

Any questions, click HERE and ask away!

xo, Beth

“I feel like with the B.Styled Challenges, I truly have access to a personal stylist in you – (for less than the cost of another shirt I don’t need;)   You are so available and helpful (and fun) on the Facebook page, as are the other women.  It has become my favorite on-line destination!”  


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