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Fall Essentials Challenge

Online personal style program and capsule wardrobe

What a week! Got the kids back to school (they’re thrilled – not),  hosted my first B.Styled Happy Hour LIVE on Facebook, and today I launch my first online personal style program and capsule wardrobe.  I’m so excited to finally share all the details with you.

First some background…

Since starting B.Styled three years ago, I’ve  been  advising women on how to #justgetdressed… simplifying the process and making it less of a struggle, so their time can be spent  on the important things.   Most importantly, I aim to make getting dressed something that boosts confidence and self-image — while having fun doing it!

The foundation for my approach is a less is more philosophy, and capsule wardrobes really demonstrate that idea well.   I also believe it helps to have a  plan –  and a capsule wardrobe does just that.  They give us a starting point – like a road map – to navigate and create a wardrobe that works.

This is why I’ve chosen to offer you an online style program that has a capsule wardrobe at its core starting point.

I’ve teamed up with Alison Lumbatis, who owns and runs the Style Challenge platform, to bring you this Fall Essentials  online style program.

The B.Styled Fall Essentials Challenge centers  around a 32-piece fall wardrobe. I’ve hand-picked these 32 pieces, featuring brands and labels I know and love.  From the 32 pieces, I’ve created 21 different looks – three weeks of outfits.

This is where you really get to see how a capsule can work for you…saving you time, money and lots of aggravation.

I realize that what works for me, may not work for you, so with every featured clothing piece I’ve included links to several alternative options that might better suit you.

You’ll find an option for petite, plus-size and budget shopping.  I also include a “try the trend” option for the classic pieces on the list, in case you already have the classics and want to expand your options a bit.

And of course it’s not required that you  buy any of the suggested pieces. I’m all about editing and shopping your closet first. The proposed capsule and daily outfit suggestions will help give you a starting point for finding similar pieces that may already be hanging in your closet.

With each suggested daily outfit combination, you’ll also find style tips as well as dress-it-up/dress-it-down alternatives for making each outfit work for casual, the office or an evening out.  There’s even a separate clickable “catalog” with shopping ideas for dressing up & down the looks.

And here’s the big bonus.  if you sign up for this online style program, you can also opt in to get my personal style support in our dedicated, private Facebook group.

I’ll be hands on in this group, offering specific advice to your styling needs, .including live videos for this group’s eyes only.

But wait, there’s more 😉  If you sign up early, you’ll also get FREE access to my popular Closet Cleanse Program…so you can start the Challenge with an edited and organized closet.


Shoot me an email at beth@bstyledblog.com  if you have any questions.  I’m looking forward to having you on join me!


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