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B.Styled 10 Day Challenge #justgetdressed


The B.Styled 10 Day Challenge starts Monday June 13th, so make sure you’re signed up by clicking HERE.

It’s time to get inspired, get creative, and #justgetdressed.

1. There are no rules..  Do all or just some of the daily challenges.  Just don’t let perfectionism keep you from having fun with it.

2. Each day you will receive an email with a prompt to inspire you to see your closet with fresh eyes. If you don’t have something that’s quite right, get creative. Remember to use accessories too!

3. Try not to shop. If one of the challenges points out a hole in your closet that you’d really love to fill, make a note. But try to look at your closet with fresh eyes and find some hidden gems if you can.

4. If you want, snap a selfie and share it on Facebook or Instagram using #justgetdressed.  Be positive and encouraging towards yourself and others.

5. Choose a time deadline for getting dressed each day. This is key for those of us who work at home. Whatever time you pick is fine, but try to hold yourself to it.

6.  Follow along on the Facebook Event Page and my B.Styled Facebook Page where I will be sharing pictures and tips and maybe some videos;)

Let’s go!


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