Meet Beth


I’m a 50 (ish) year old wife and mother to 3 teenage sons (!) and 2 nutty  dogs, living in the 'burbs of Boston. There's a lot of testosterone around here and it can can get pretty  crazy/dirty/smelly at times.   But lucky for all of us,  my 92 year old mom, The Fabulous Mary lives with us as well.  She's my best friend and original style icon - and she inspires me every day with her faith, her unconditional love and her glass half-full attitude. 

My background includes several years in corporate sales (yuck) and marketing (fun) for Tiffany & Co and co-founding FlirtyFinds, a fashion accessories business (very fun).  

My real passion though, is working with women like you, helping you discover your personal style that makes you look and feel your best  through easy, accessible fashion.    

My Style

My lifestyle is a casual one, but I do like to feel put together and confident in what I'm wearing...even if I'm working from home with no one seeing me but the dogs and the UPS man. It helps my productivity and mood when I #justgetdressed, and I try to inspire you to do the same.

I'd call my style "casual chic" and I tend to gravitate to simple outfits featuring basic pieces, accented with a few modern, well-placed accessories.  I'm all about versatility and like to be able to wear an item at least 3-4 ways, something I harp on with my followers too.  

I'm also the consummate bargain-hunter, though at times I have no problem splurging on the occasional pair of designer jeans or cashmere sweater.  I'm a big fan of mixing high and low  and get a natural high scouring places like Target and Old Navy for great finds.  

My signature programs, the Seasonal Style Systems were developed with one goal in mind: to help you shop with a purpose and a plan, and build a mix-and-match casual wardrobe from a foundation of classic essentials.  From there you use simple outfit formulas to create fantastic looks.  I simplify fashion, so you can eliminate stress and indecision and feel confident when you #justgetdressed.

I invite you to join me and see what a positive impact feeling confident and comfortable in your clothing can have on you every day.  

Let's Talk. 

I know a lot of us have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, but my business has enabled me to develop an amazing community of like-minded women on Facebook where we share tips and tricks and styling advice in a safe, private forum.  It's my favorite part of my job -- interacting with and giving advice to this awesome group of women.  

Click HERE to join my free #justgetdressed Facebook Group.

Click HERE to follow my B.Styled Personal Styling business page.

And if you join one of my Seasonal Style Systems, you'll get access to a special group with lots of one-on-one attention.  

You can also follow me on Instagram @bstyled,  and twitter @bystyledbybeth.

Or, you are welcome to drop me a note at

Thanks for reading.  Now go #justgetdressed.

xo, Beth

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