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5 Day Necklace Challenge

5daynecklaceThe first  B.Styled Facebook Live Happy Hour was on Friday, and boy was it fun.  Sarah and I had a great time talking about style, drinking wine and sharing tips.  Check it out below (and yes it’s long…we just couldn’t stop…so use your little fast forward button;)

At one point during the video (around 10:40) we talk about wearing necklaces and how powerful they can be in making you feel confident and put together.   So, for the next 5 days, starting Monday September 5th, I’m challenging you to wear a necklace every day for 5 days.

You can click HERE to join our free private Facebook group where we post pics and share tips and ideas in a private, supportive environment.  Or you can search Facebook:  “B.Styled #justgetdressed Challenge” group and request to be added.

Finally, I’ve been talking about the B.Styled Fall 2016 Essentials Challenge and it launches this  Wednesday September 7th, and if you go to the Facebook Live Happy Hour Video to around the 40 minute mark, you can hear me describe it (this is at the end, after some wine, so bear with me;)

Now go get your necklaces out front and center in your closet,  and join me in throwing one on every day Monday- Friday this week.  Ok?   #justgetdressed.


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