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Men’s Capsule Wardrobe for Him, and a Free Fall Challenge for You!

We all have those days when it’s a welcome luxury to not #justgetdressed.  Sweats, jammies, comfort clothes….there are definitely days when they just fit the bill.

Even if you do get dressed for work every day, it can be easy to fall into a rut, wearing the same old same old.   And if you work from home or don’t have  to get dressed in “real clothes”, it’s really easy to spiral into a rut of opting out.

Join me on Monday 10/24 as we commit to getting dressed every day for the rest of the month.  Each evening at 7pm I’ll send out a prompt to help inspire you.   Nothing difficult or complicated, just something to give you ideas or  prompt you to try something different.  Not fancy, not over-done, just dressed in something that makes you feel good.  Oh, and no shopping required either.  Use what’s already hanging in your closet.

Click here to sign up for this free challenge, and head over to Facebook and join the  private group (B.Styled #justgetdressed Challenge) where I’ll  also be posting the daily challenge, answering questions and giving advice.

Check out this week’s B.Styled Live Happy Hour video here for info, plus something new for the GUY in your life.

GUYS…It’s time to up your game.  Get a list, a plan, and 14 done-for-you outfits so you’ll look put together and feel comfortable – with no aggravation.



You don’t need to spend a fortune, and you don’t need a lot of clothes. You just need the right pieces and a plan.


Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend, and go #justgetdressed 😉



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